Kerala Christian priest donates kidney to Hindu youth

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Kerala Christian priest donates kidney to Hindu youth

Thiruvananthapuram: Father Jojo Manmala, 36, is a Capuchin priest under the Catholic church and is serving at a Capuchin centre at Iritty in Kerala’s Kannur district. A message was circulated on social media groups for a poor Hindu youth who was undergoing dialysis and would survive only through a kidney transplant.

In the highest order of human love and compassion, Father Jojo did not have second thoughts and decided to donate his kidney to the youth who is from a poor community. This exemplifies the communal harmony in Kerala.

Father Jojo is a student at Don Bosco College, Iritty ,Kannur district and is a frontline activist of Jesus Youth. He was initiated into Capuchin priesthood seven years ago.

Once Father Jojo decided to donate his kidney, tests were conducted and it was found that the blood group and other parameters matched to the receiver.

The wife of the receiver has also decided to donate her kidney to another person thus reciprocating the good deed of Father Jojo. The woman is donating her kidney to a 24-year-old youth from Thamarassery in Kozhikode district.

All the four surgeries are taking place simultaneously at a private hospital in Kozhikode.

This is part of the ‘Paired Kidney Exchange’ programme and would lead to a chain of kidney exchanges.

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  1. Great sacrifice by Father Jojo, reflecting the true gesture of humanity… Congratulations to you Father Jojo and to all the humanitarians.

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