Keralite IIT Madras asst prof resigns on caste discrimination, letter goes viral

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Keralite IIT Madras asst prof resigns on caste discrimination, letter goes viral
Chennai: Vipin Puthiyedathveetil, an Assistant Professor of Department of Humanities and Social Sciences (HSS) of the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Madras, has resigned from the premier institute citing caste discrimination.

He has sent the resignation letter by mail to the authorities. Vipin hails from Payyannnur in North Kerala and has been teaching at the IIT Madras since March 2019.

The letter which he posted on social media platforms has gone viral. Vipin in the letter said that he had faced caste discrimination even in his department of Humanities and that OBC’s and SC/ST teachers are facing huge discrimination at the premier institute.

Vipin Puthiyedathuveetil, who was an Economics faculty in the Humanities department, in the letter said, “There were multiple instances of discrimination and I shall be pursuing appropriate actions to address the matter.” He also said, “Individuals in position of power irrespective of their claimed political affiliation and gender were involved in discrimination.”

The Assistant Professor in his mail has encouraged people in the institution to step up and raise complaints with the grievances committee at the institute and even with the courts.

In the resignation letter, he suggested that the institute sets up a committee to study the experience of the SC and OBC faculty. The letter also suggested that this committee should have members from the SC/ST commission, OBC Commission and psychologists.

People across the various spectrum, including writers, opinion makers, and students have commented on the shocking mail of the Assistant professor which has gone viral.

Writer and Poet Sabin Iqbal, who has authored Cliffhangers and Shamal Days, told IANS, “This is shocking. Action has to be taken in this and youths cutting across caste, creed, religion, and politics should be provided equal opportunity in all areas in this country and our constitution guarantees that. Then why people are discriminating against a bright young educated professor in a premier institution of this country. A commission comprising OBC, SC/ST academics, and lawmakers must be set up and a proper study is conducted on this.”

It may be noted that Fathima Latheef, a student of Humanities at IIT Madras had committed suicide in her hostel room alleging that she was discriminated by the college due to her religion. In her suicide note, she had named a professor of IIT Madras regarding discrimination. A CBI investigation is taking place on her suicide.

Vipin Putheyedathveetil was not available for comments as also the IIT Madras.

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