Khosla Ka Ghosla: A true reflection of the Indian Middle Class

Seven Years on and I still love watching this movie?.

Few years ago, in the winter of 2006, we were darting towards ?Lage Raho Munna Bhai? the movie that created waves in the country with its covert ?Gandhian? philosophy. Unfortunately, the weekend crowd denied us the show and hence had to settle for a low-budgeted and a critically acclaimed ?Khosla Ka Ghosla?. Little did I know, that this was going to be the best movie I ever watched and would remain in my heart for years to come. The reason that I adored ?Khosla Ka Gosla? over other great Indian movies I have watched was the fact that it was a story based on contemporary Indian Middle Class, one that resembled my own status. For far too long, the Indian middle class, which constitutes less than 10% of the Bollywood Audience, had little or no share in Multi-Budgeted-superficial-substanceless-ultra-sentimental-misogynistic Bollywood cinema. While the Elite and the super-rich are widely flaunted in the almost all mainstream Bollywood themes solely tailored for BPL(Below Poverty Line) and JPL ( Japta Patti Level) audience, the Urban-Rural Indian middle class were largely ignored ruthlessly by the Billion Dollars Ty-Goons of the Film Industry.

Dashing Opening

The movie kick starts with a scene depicting funeral ceremony of the Head of the family played brilliantly by Anupam Kher, the scene involves dark humour with sarcastic dialogues stretched with weird behavior portrayed by the family members, only to be revealed to the audience as Anupam Kher?s dream sequence. More than that, the film?s opening scene narrates the mind of Anupam Kher, being the middle aged husband, a Father of three, working man on the verge of retirement, with loads of  family and financial burden, desperately trying to make ends meet and satisfy each member of the family.

Anupam Kher plays Kamal Kishore Khosla a service class fifty something father of three, shy, satisfied, anxious and God-fearing individual, Kiran Juneja plays a supporting role as other half of Mr Khosla, Parvin Dabas plays Churanji Lal Khosla (cherry) Younger Son of KK Khosla, a IT Professional working for an MNC, a Computer geek, introvert, Teetotaler and the most Intelligent person in the family, Rupam Bawja plays the chubby daughter Pinky and the riveting Ranvir Shorey plays Balwant Khosla (Bunty), a Character composed of being presumptuous, overassertive, loud, hyperactive, mediocrely intelligent. Bunty is mostly na?ve but brave elder son of KK Khosla. Bunty has little means, little brain but a very big heart.

Shark Encounter

The Family had booked a plot in the South of Delhi, and they have paid the full sum of Thirty Lakh rupees cash in advance to the Broker of the ?The World Famous Properties?. When they reach the Plot for Bhoomi Pooja, for their astonishment, the land has been illegally acquired by a hefty Real Estate Shark named Khurana, played effortlessly by the enigmatic Boman Irani. They plead the Broker of the World Famous Properties, who turns out to be a deceiver and an agent of Khurana himself. The family with the help of Khosla?s loyal friend Sahani ( a sardar) seek help from State Police, Lawyers, Politicians and from Rights Activists, but in the end each one of them turn out be fraudulent and self-proclaimers.

Family Fights

Desperate, for avenging the injustice meted out to them, Khosla?s Elder Son Bunty, decides to use muscle-power and hire?s Haryana Pailwans to Reverse-encroach the property and thus acquire it. Although Khosla?s succeed in driving Khurana?s goons out of their property, the very act rebounds heavily on the family, as the Father KK Khosla ends up behind bars. Later, he gets released by Khurana himself, who viciously sets a deal with Khosla, to pay half the price of its Market value approximately fifteen Lakhs to buy the Land from him. This fumes the family, and Khosla?s younger son Cherry gets into the act with the moral support from his Friend Meghna (Tara Sharma) and adamantly joins the fight.

Cherry is adroit and calculative. Unlike his elder brother, Cherry meticulously plans and finds inventive means to solve the issue. He meets his Agent Asif Iqbal, played marvelously by Vinay Pathak who had earlier hinted him the possibilities of helping to sort the issue. As a former partner in crime with Khurrana, Asif Iqbal uses his mind games and trade techniques smoothly to tackle mighty Khurrana, in his own words saying ?Jaisa Bimari, waisa illaaj?. His plan invites two more characters Sethi played by veteran actor Navin Nishol and his secretary played by Nithesh Pandey. Together, they jammin to duplicitously challenge mighty Land Shark Khurrana, and give him a run for his money. The Khosla?s with the help of friends go through several tense moments and hesitations, before emerging victorious in duping Khurrana. The film unleashes everyday struggles of urban middle class lives and dramatically draws curtains with a winning note.

Genuine Laughs

The film is filled with subtle humor, ingenious craftiness, poignant drama, social realism and natural human emotions. The film offers genuine laughs on many occasions, for instance when KK Khosla is seen carrying blue color plastic bag with Liquor in it shying away from the public, Ranvir Shorey?s (Bunty) moves and facial expressions while having a drink with his father KK Khosla, Bunty?s conversation with his younger brother Cherry after a minuscule quarrel after Cherry refuses to share the drink with his father and announces his US plans. However the most hilarious scene is the ?land exploration? scene where few artiste from Meghna?s (Tara Sharma) theatre falsely enact the role of villagers and a Actor disguising himself as a villager with a adopted name of Insaan singh, guides Khurrana and explains him the barren property, without having any prior knowledge about it. On the both the occasions, he spots a well at the corner, and asks Khurrana, whether he wanted to have a shower, which obviously frustrates Khurana and he rushes away from the place.

Awesome Performance

Going by the performance, each one of them plays their role to the best, with honesty and integrity. Never do the Actors overdo their roles and try to make audience laugh. Everyone plays their role with smoothness and spontaneity. Anupam Kher is a giant in the movie delivering one of his career best performances, Kher?s role as a middle class family man is sketched with utmost perfection and finesse. Parvin Dabas as Khosla?s younger son and an IT Engineer disposes a solid and dependable performance. Boman Irani as a treacherously cunning fox uses his mastery of skillful deceit with sublimity. Nithesh Pandey as Sethi?s Secretary and Vinay Pathak as Agent/Fixer are impeccable, both add necessary depth to second half of the story with artful refinement. But it is Ranvir shorey, who steals the show with his timings, comic expressions and over-whining behavior. One cannot take away eyes from him in the entire Two and quarter hour duration of the movie. It?s a shame that Bollywood has not been generous enough to provide further chances for this immensely gifted Actor.

Positive Reception

The movie was released at a time where Indian film industry was going through a transition period, In contrast to the audience, that mainstream Bollywood had catered for the previous decades had seen a drastic shift socially, culturally, economically. Although being a unconventional theme ?Khosla Ka Ghosla? was a huge hit among urban Audience and won a cult status in the future. It went on to win the National Awards for the years ?Best Film? category. The 2006 audience was more educated, urbanized, English speaking, tech savy, party-loving, culturally liberal, mobilized, Multiplexed and lot more matured than ever. The young working middle class of the 21st century India wanted to get rid of the mindless-senseless-unreal stories from the likes of Karan Johar, David Dhawan, Ram Gopal Verma, Rohit shetty, Mahesh Bhat and many more embarrassing story tellers from Bollywood. Atleast, While watching ?Khosla Ka Ghosla? One need not have to leave their brain at home.

                  Chris Emmanuel D’Souza


Author: Chris Emmanuel DSouza