Kittens & Puppies Abandonment on the Rise during Monsoon Season as per ACT

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Kittens & Puppies Abandonment on the Rise during Monsoon Season as per Animal Care Trust (ACT) Shakthinagar, Mangaluru

Mangaluru: Cruelty towards kittens and puppies has come to notice as many people are abandoning them on the streets, especially during the monsoon season, which is an inhumane act. And during such incidents, animal rescuers are on their toes, as abandonment of kittens and pups is on the rise these days. As per the Animal Care Trust (ACT), in June and July, it rescued over 100 pups and kittens, including those that need to be bottle-fed.

Speaking to Team Mangalorean, Ms Suma Nayak, animal activist and trustee, ACT, Shaktinagar, said, “This month we have already rescued about 48 pups from various parts of Mangaluru, but compared to last year, we are noticing a slight decrease in the number of abandoned animals. However, the monsoon is not over yet. A majority of the abandoned animals are found in the market areas. In Urwa and Jeppu markets we find a lot of kittens, and in the Katipalla-Kaikamba market and Mudipu and Konaje areas, a lot of puppies are picked up. Those found in markets are mostly about a month old, but the ones found in secluded areas are the ones that are left to die. They are often wrapped in gunny bags or baskets. Last month, the shelter took care of 28 bottle-fed pups and kittens”.

She further added, ” Some rescues are painful. For instance, a woman rescued six kittens packed in a plastic bag, in Valencia. None of the kittens had opened their eyes yet and had to be bottle-fed. The mother may find herself in a distressing situation. One of the kittens even had a broken leg. Unfortunately, we could not save any of them,’ The decrease in young animals being abandoned could be linked to the community cat surgeries that ACT is taking up. Last year about 500 cat surgeries were done. Stray dog surgeries are also conducted. All animals given for adoption are sterilised. Free desi pet dog surgeries are also being conducted. In a recent camp in Vamanjoor, about 75 pet dogs were operated upon”.

“We are educating people to get pets sterilised. The outreach programmes are helping. However, the rate of abandonment is higher than adoption. In the city, not many come forward to adopt animals when compared to the rural areas or the outskirts. Another major concern is that during monsoon, the animals are prone to bad health and are often picked up from the streets in poor health, and a few of them are infested with maggots, and the Mangaluru City Corporation should consider making pet sterilisation mandatory, which will lead to to the reduction of abandonment of animals, and reduce the population of stray animals,” added Ms Suma Nayak.


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