KMC Hospital Mangalore Launches Drive to Create Awareness on Scoliosis

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KMC Hospital Mangalore Launches Drive to Create Awareness on Scoliosis

  • The hospital will reach out to 100 primary and secondary schools, educating parents on scoliosis, and the importance of its early detection in children.

Mangaluru: On the occasion of National Scoliosis Awareness Month, KMC Hospital, Mangalore, initiated the Scoliosis Awareness and Scoliosis Awareness School Drive to spread awareness about Scoliosis, highlight the importance of its early detection and the effectiveness of early spinal bracing and non-operative care among children”, said Dr Anand Venugopal, Regional Chief Clinical Services, KMC Hospital, Mangalore during the press meet held at KMC Hospital Tower II, here on June 29.

Dr Venugapal further said, “Through the school drive, KMC Hospital will reach out to parents and teachers in 100 primary and secondary schools across Dakshina Kannada, Kasaragod, Udupi, Hassan, Kodagu, Chikkamagaluru, and Uttara Kannur districts for the next one year and raise their awareness levels on scoliosis, its prevalence among children, and the importance of its early detection in children”.

Addressing the media persons Dr Ishwar Keerthi, Consultant Spine Surgeon, KMC Hospital, Mangalore, said, “Scoliosis is a condition where the spine bends sideways. It has been observed in 2-4 per cent of children. While the condition rectifies on its own for most children, approximately one out of every six children diagnosed with scoliosis will have a curved spine that would require active treatment in the form of bracing or surgery. Scoliosis is more commonly seen in girls than in boys. Early diagnosis is the key to ensure that affected children receive the best treatment, and prevent serious problems.”

Miss Henrita, aged 16 years, hailing from Mangalore, was taken to Dr Ishwar Keerthi with complaints of frequent back pain with a bend in the back and cosmetic issues due to the abnormal spine curvature. Her mother had noticed this condition when she was 12 years of age. Henrita underwent surgery at the hospital. Following this, she underwent physiotherapy. The regular exercises that formed part of the regimen helped straighten the spinal curvature. Miss Henrita has now attained normal height for her age group, and her cosmetic issues have been resolved.

Speaking on the initiative Saghir Siddiqui, Regional Chief Operating Officer, KMC Hospital, Mangalore, said “Every June, the National Scoliosis Awareness Month highlights the growing need for education, early detection, and awareness about scoliosis and its prevalence. The drive aims to unite scoliosis patients, families, clinicians, and institutions for better collaborative networking. We advocate and recommend scoliosis screening in schools. Friends and family members must learn to detect the early signs and symptoms of the condition. It is often school teachers, parents, or relatives who first identify the issue. Fortunately, a simple clinical examination and X-ray can confirm the diagnosis and help experts recommend the right treatment. We would like to invite all scoliosis patients, family members, and advocates to support this campaign and make use of the opportunity provided.”

Spine surgeons Dr Vaishak and Dr Kishore were also present.

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