Kodiyalaso Chedo Jason Lobo Releases His Debut Konkani Original titled ‘Dollyancho Upas’!

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Kodiyalaso Chedo (Mangaluru Boy) 19-Years-Old Jason Lobo Releases His Debut/First Konkani Original titled “Dollyancho Upas” on His YouTube Channel!

Mangaluru: While looking at all the singers and bands that exist here, for Kudla, music is as essential an entity as probably the story as a whole. Some of the compositions by these new singers remain a patriotic favourite among cult music lovers irrespective of the age or era they belonged to. With the advent of not just online forums to showcase one’s musical inclinations, but also music festivals enjoying a moment on the commercial music scene apart from big music producers showing an interest in their music and underground musicians, it looks like new-age music might just break all social norms and conventions surrounding Education Town-Smart Mangaluru!

If ardent music aficionados and experts are to be believed, in the last decade or so, music and its many intricacies have almost transformed into a kaleidoscope of interesting genres, voices, rhythm and tunes, complete with experimental beats and fused instruments. Some of the most talented new musicians on the scene give us their two bits on the changing scenario. And one among them is this young upcoming singer 19-years-old Jason Lobo, who has just released his debut original Konkani song titled “DOLLYYANCHO UPAS”, (Abstinence of the Eyes)

Born on 30 October 2002, Jason Lobo is an aspiring Vocalist and Composer of Bondel Parish, residing in Ullas Nagar, Kavoor, Mangaluru, who is currently pursuing his Second Year Degree B.A in Roshni Nilaya School of Social Work, Mangaluru, having done his schooling at St Aloysius Higher Primary School, LadyHill, Mangaluru and PUC (Commerce) at St Aloysius PU College, Mangaluru. He had passed SSLC and PUC with distinction. Son of Joel Lobo, working for Konkan Railways Corp Ltd and Ms Juliet Lobo, a homemaker, Jason has an elder sister Joylene Lobo, graduated in MBA at AIMIT, Mangaluru, now working as a Tax Associate at KPMG, who is also a passionate artist.

Having trained in Hindustani classical Vocals under the guidance of my Guru Ustad Rafique Khan, Jason has rendered his voice to many albums and Short films, and was a Finalist in popular Reality Shows, like ‘Namma Super Singer’, ‘MTG, ”Swara Kudla’, ‘SOAD-5’, among others. Jason also writes, composes, arranges music and sings his original compositions. This is quite rare in today’s world full of cover songs. Speaking to Team Mangalorean, Jason said, ‘It is a busy life. But I make sure to give time for music as it gives peace of mind and some me-time. And when it is original, it is a different feeling’. This debut song of mine is unique because it tries to prove that quality lies in the composition and not merely in how it is produced”.

L-R: Jason Lobo, his Sister Joylene Lobo, Dad Joel Lobo and Mom Juliet Lobo

“Dolyancho Upas” is my Self Composed first Konkani original, to which I have also rendered my Vocals and released it on My YouTube Channel on 16 January 2022. It was always a dream to present it to the world and now it’s a real hit. He further said, “I am grateful to my Guru Ustad Rafique Khan whose music has given LIFE and SOUL to my Composition. As a Songwriter, I have honestly expressed my innermost feelings, but the Concept Conceived by Team Astitva and Direction by Clanwin Fernandes has given my first solo song a unique dimension and I believe it has the Potential to Captivate the viewers along with providing them Comfort with the Soothing Music involving Sitar by Ustad Rafique Khan, Tabla by Rajesh Bhagavat from Mulki and Flute by Swayam Prakash of Moodbidri. Rahul Pinto has beautifully done the Cinematography,” added Jason.

While concluding he said, “The song/video features Konkani movie-serial actress Ms Salomi Alvares, a good friend of mine; she too has added charm to the video by her natural acting in order to ensure the song doesn’t restrict only to the Konkani speaking audience. And above all, Fr Alwyn Serrao has willingly provided the subtitles with his choicest words! Mix and Mastering of the song was done by Shinoy V Joseph, along with his Assistants-Rohan Adkabare and Christon Fernandes; Coloring and Grading by Fr Stephen Lobo OCD @Carmel Studio, Carmel Hill, Mangaluru; Poster and Design by Clanwin Fernandes; Location Courtesy- Parari and Kalaangan, Shakthinagar, Mangaluru. My special thanks to Giridhar Shetty & Deekshit Rai & Family for their tremendous support. This dream of mine wouldn’t have been a reality without the amazing team and people who supported me through their unique role in the project. I humbly request the audience and my well-wishers to kindly support my work through their love and support. Long live Konkani music! Dev bo’rem korum, Mog asom ❤️!”

Team Mangalorean is proud of our very own ‘Kodiyalaso Chedo Jason Lobo’ and I conclude this column by saying- “Jason, you very well deserve the congrats for your hard work, determination and dedication towards music. Seems like making the impossible to possible in your own unique style, which needs to be appreciated. Living up to the expectations is itself a great success and you have made it. You are an inspiring singer and you are an inspiration for budding singers/musicians. I can say that strength, determination, challenges and confidence counts your success -and no doubt that’s the secret of your success. The latest success of yours in the field of music is yet another ‘milestone’ in your success story. You are for sure going to attain new heights with a lot more success. Keep up the good work that you are entrusted with, and may God bless you”.


With a vision of building strong personalities, my parents wanted their children to achieve all-round development for which they nurtured our hobbies and interests along with education. My urge and passion towards music was the foundation to learn it at the age of five. I started Carnatic vocal training under my Guru Rajeshwari Udaya for seven years hence completing my junior grade in Carnatic vocals with a distinction. Eager to learn the Hindustani style of music, I began my initial training under Vidwan Roshan Martis who introduced me to Pt. Nagesh Pai and under his able guidance I pursued my basic Tabla training for three years. Along with my classical training, I also began my initial guitar lessons with Madam Gladys. V. Silver and further learning under Roshan D’Souza, Angelore .

In pursuit of advanced learning in the field of Hindustani vocals, I sought the guidance of my Guru Ustad Rafique khan under whose able guidance my musical knowledge has been flourishing for the past 5 years. He has given me opportunities to accompany several legendary classical vocalists like Padmashri Pt. Venkatesh Kumar, Pt. Jayateerth Mevundi, Shri Sanjoy Banerjee, Pt. Ulhas Kashalkar, Pt. Rithesh and Rajnish Mishra. Their expertise was mesmerizing, I am blessed to have witnessed it. My journey in the field of music began from my initial school days which included winning prizes in singing at inter-school, intercollegiate and inter-parish competitions.

My foundation in Konkani music was winning competitions at Don Bosco which motivated me to achieve more, also winning singing competitions of Wilfy Rebimbus Memorium at Jeppu. During these competitions, I was privileged to be introduced to the Rebimbus family. Konkan Myna Mrs Meena Rebimbus and Vishwas Rebimbus encouraged me and gave me an opportunity to perform at “Wilfy Day” as a child artist. I am always grateful for their constant love and support.

My thirst towards Konkani was quenched by Mandd Sobhann, an institution that works relentlessly towards building strong personalities and encouraging budding artists like me, my first official win was at Kalaangan at the age of 10, where I was introduced to my Guru and guide Konkani Kala Ratna Eric Ozario, who has tremendously influenced my musical journey and continues to be my mentor. My love for Konkani language and culture bloomed from the residential children’s summer camps organized by Mandd Sobhann at Kalaangan; where I had the opportunity to learn, enjoy and inculcate Konkani traditions.

These camps brought discipline and zeal in me, in the process winning accolades like Gayan Shresht, Shresht Shibirarti boosted my self-confidence and encouraged me to grow. During these camps, I got the opportunity to learn our traditional instrument the “Ghumo’t” a unique identity of our Konkani music. Seeing my passion Eric Baab gifted me the “Ghumo’t” which has been one of my most prized assets, later through training sessions I learned more about the instrument from Sangeet Guru Joel Pereira and I have performed with it on various occasions.

The journey from being a student, trainer and now performing along with Eric Baab has been a dream come true for me. Being a member of SUMMELL the singing club of Mandd Sobhann, my roots in Konkani grew stronger so did my bond with Mandd Sobhann, performing in Mega events such as Global Konkani Music Awards, monthly theatres and various programs. Konkani Abolem Mrs Joyce Ozario has always been a supportive and encouraging personality in my journey. Kalaangan also introduced me to Theatre, where Sir Christopher D’Souza Neenasam gave me an opportunity to venture into backing vocals and playing a variety of instruments which has been an experience to cherish.

Along with being a vocalist I also have a great passion for composing tunes and penning songs. I have already rendered a few of my compositions. Nature is my second love. It goes hand in hand with my Musical passion, it relaxes my mind and makes me creative. Learning more about nature and exploring and capturing its uniqueness has always fascinated me. I also share about these beauties on my social media handles. MTG was my first reality show based on the evergreen compositions of Konkan Kogull Wilfy Rebimbus, which has been an unforgettable experience giving me a platform at the international level, it has helped me to establish my own identity in the field of\ Konkani music; hence providing me with wonderful opportunities helping me win the hearts of my Konkani people spread across the world, it has been a milestone through which I was introduced to many legendary Artists in Konkani who recognized my talents and gave me opportunities for which I am always grateful.

In the process I have had the opportunity to work alongside amazing music arrangers and lyricists, also fetching me an opportunity to work with music producer Sandesh Babanna for a Tulu short film ‘Sainika’. My musical journey so far has been a wonderful experience with each day giving me new ways to explore my potential. I never imagined to be the person I am today, I am grateful to God and am indebted to all the wonderful people who have guided, supported and encouraged me in my journey so far. I will continue to grow in my art and keep up with the expectations of my people also working towards the betterment of Konkani Art and Culture. Long live Konkani

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