‘Konkani Literary Award-2023’ Conferred on Litterateur Irene Pinto by KLS

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‘Konkani Literary Award-2023’ Conferred on Litterateur Irene Pinto by KLS

‘Konkani Literary Award-2023’ Conferred on Litterateur Irene Pinto by (KLS) Konkani Lekhaka Sangha, Mangaluru

Mangaluru: Konkani Lekhaka Sangha (KLS) conferred the ” Konkani Literary Award -2023″ on renowned Litterateur IRENE PINTO , and the award ceremony was held at the Sandesha premises, Sandesha Foundation, Bajjodi, Nanthoor in the City. Fr Francis Rodrigues0the Former editor of ‘Raknno’ weekly was the chief guest and Prof Radhakrishna Bellur, Government college Kasaragod was the guest of honour for the award conferring ceremony. The award comprised a cash prize of Rs 25,000, a citation and a memento. Jossie Pinto read out the citation.

Delivering his keynote address, Prof Radhakrishna Bellur said, “A litterateur only can write imaginary concepts without any experience of the real subject, incident or time. But out of extraordinary imagination he can also reflect the truth in his writings. Ramayana was also written by many and all of them tried to get closer to the truth in various angles. When a poet, writer or artist tries to tackle or narrate a subject in a normal way and tries to address it by giving it a different angle then only can he get success that also reflects truth in his writings. The truth finding mission of a writer paves the way to point out the limitations, mistakes of society and encourage a course correction.”

Also speaking on the occasion, Fr Francis said, “As per records so far we have 81 women writers in the Konkani literary circle. The women of the Konkani community have not shown much interest in penning literature. They have engaged themselves in many other activities such as managing family and tilling agricultural lands that they own. But Irene Pinto has done a miracle in Konkani. She never restricted herself to the kitchen and her family. She expressed her thoughts, her opinions and about society in general through her writings. She is an inspiration for all women and the entire Konkani literary world.”

In her acceptance speech after receiving the award, Irene Pinto said, “I am thankful to the entire Konkani literary world for recognising me as a Konkani writer and novelist. It gives me immense pleasure to receive the award from KLS which is very active in the Konkani community. Meanwhile, I am thankful to my supporters, literary friends and my family members. I wish many more prosperous years ahead for the KLS.”

On the occasion, the KLS also felicitated Eric Ozario, Andrew L D’Cunha, Joyce Ozario, Dr Edward Nazreth, and,Vally Quadros for their achievements in their respective fields. As a part of the event, a book titled ‘Bhagavan Yesu Krista’ (Tulu-Third Edition) written by Mark Walder, former editor of Raknno was released by former editors of Raknno weekly Fr Eric Crasta, Fr Francis Rodrigues and designated editor of Raknno Fr Rupesh Madtha. Dolphie F Lobo spoke about the book and applauded the writings of Fr Mark Walder.

Richard Moras gave the introductory speech. Core committee member Edward Nazreth introduced the literary works of Irene Pinto. Macha Milar rendered the vote of thanks. Anil and Irene Rebello rendered the prayer song. Lavi Ganjimutt compered the event.

Konkani Lekhaka Sangha Karnataka is a voluntary association that was exclusively formed with the sole intention of promoting Konkani language and literature in the year 2018. From the year 2022, Konkani Lekhaka Sangha decided to select and honour a Konkani writer who has immensely contributed to Konkani literature.


Hailing from Bejai, Mnagaluru, Irene Pinto’s Konkani story books and serials have been published in Konkani periodicals. Her short stories have been broadcasted on Akashvani. She has been conferred with several awards as well. A few of her Konkani story books, and serials published in Konkani periodicals are :

1. `BALIDAN’ was published in `JHELO’ Konkani fortnightly in 1963 as a serial story by J.S. Alvares Second impression in book form in 1969 by Sallak Prakashan (Sirivonth)

2. `STHREE’ published in book form by Konkanni Swatantr Prakashan (J.S. Alvares) in 1964 Awarded by `Mithr’ periodical as the Best Novel

3. `MOJEM ONTHOSKARN VISORCHENA’ was published in `JHELO’ Konkani fortnightly as a serial story from 1.9.1965 to 15.11.1966. Again published in book form by Konkanni Swatantr Prakashan (J.S. Alvares) in 1966. Third time was published in 1987 by Dr Willie D’Silva’s Pragathi Prakashan

4. `PALL’LI BHAS’ published in book form by Sallk Prakashan (Sirivonth) in 1968

5. `HANV CHOKON PODDUNK NA’ published in book form by Sallak Prakashan (Sirivonth) in 1969

6. `TUNVE NEGAR KELEIN’ was published in 1972 as a serial story in the `KANNIK’ periodical and subsequently in book form by Sallk Prakashan (Sirivonth) in 1972

7. `MOG ANI BHORVOSO’ was published in 1973-1974 in SEVAK monthly as a serial story and subsequently in book form by Sevak Prakashan in 1974. Awarded by Konkanni Bhasha Mandal, Goa’ in 1974.

8. `AXA ANI NIRAXA’ was published in book form by Sallk Prakashan (Sirivonth) in 1985

Number of Short Stories of her published: 25

Stories Broadcasted in Akashvani, Mangaluru:

1. `Lhan lhan kumok’ on 12.05.2008
2. `To passim aetiology on 17.11.2008
3. `Poxchatap’ on 09.11.2009
4. `Ghutt’ on 10.12.2010

Interviews published:

1. In ‘Raknno’ Weekly by Vally Vogga in 1975
2. ‘Mangalorean.com’ in 2004
3. In ‘Raknno’ Weekly March 17, 2005
4. All India Radio, Mangaluru in May 2008

Awards Received :

1. `MITHR’ Konkani Weekly Award for `STHREE’ in 1964
2. `Konkanni Bhasha Mondoll, Goa’ Award for ` MOG ANI BHORVOSO’ novel in 1974
3. ‘Karnataka Konkani Sahitya Akademi’ Award for Literature in 2003
4. `LIM (Louis I. Mascarenhas Konkani Nalanda Sahitya Prakashan by School of Konkani Studies, Mangalore by Dr Willie D’Silva) Award on August 29, 2010
5. `Victor Rodrigues Memorial Konkani Literary Award on February 14, 2016
6. FKCA (Federation of Konkani Catholic Associations) Bangalore Lifetime Achievement Award in 2017

Report Submitted by : Richard Moras

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