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KSA: Abdul Azeez Bajpe elected president of DKMO – Riyadh

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Riyadh: The DKMO (Dakshina Karnataka Muslim Okkoota), Riyadh, conducted its 6th annual general body meeting, at the Maqsoura conference hall of the East Ramada Hotel Batha recently. The meeting was well attended by over 175 members, who represented from most of the taluk’s of south Karnataka.


From the past 6 years DKMO is in the forefront to help the community members in the their needs. DKMO has been working hard on their unique programme FRF (Family Relief Fund) scheme. So far DKMO has donated Rs 1.5 lakh each for such cases to the family of the deceased member back home. Over the years DKMO has also provided air tickets to repatriate some ailing brothers who could not afford to pay for it. DKMO has also funded a library, patients at government  Hospitals back home and supported poor students for their education.

DKMO has also contributed and strived to collect funds for the release of an imprisoned brother in Saudi Arabia. DKMO very proudly announces that it has contributed to pursue higher education to a student for her MBBS studies.

The DKMO general meeting commenced immediately after the Friday prayers with the recitation of verses from the Holy Quran.

Basheer Thalapadi compered the programme, he welcomed Haneef N S President DKMO, Muzaffar Ali General Secretary, Abbas Uchil Treasurer and Yousuf Sakafi Baitar Advisor to the dais with the chief guest Akhtar Sheikh, former Ameer of Jamaithul Falah and Mohammed Kunchi CEO Alif International School Riyadh.

Yousuf Sakafi Baitar addressed the gathering by quoting verses from the Holy Quran and Hadith to bring out the feeling of brotherhood amongst Muslims, the qualities required of every Muslim and highlighted the guidelines of charity in light of the teachings of Prophet Muhammad(PBUH).

Muzaffar Ali presented a comprehensive report on the activities of DKMO. This included the reports on the DKMO’s special charity programmes like family relief fund, medical aid and  education aid to all the members in Riyadh and their family back home. He also provided a detailed presentation regarding the new project “Anti Dowry Campaign” which is the new social programme by DKMO.

Abbas Uchil gave a detailed presentation of the financial report for the year 2013 – 14.

Chief Guest of the programme Akhter Shaikh highlighted the importance of charity. Abdul Basheer President of JF Riyadh unit congratulated DKMO for their noble activities.

President Haneef N S then dissolved the existing committee and thanked the members of the committee for their support during his tenure.

Abdul Basheer and Pervez Ali conducted the elections for the year 2015 – 16. Members were asked voluntarily to join the new committee and support in carrying out the noble task. The interested 41 members joined the new committee. The office bearers for the new committee were elected unanimously and the list is as follows:

Abdul Azeez Bajpe              – President
Imtiyaz Shaikh                   – Vice President
Eilyas Yermal                      – Vice President
Fazalur Rahemaan Gangolli – Gen Secretary
Ismail Montepadav             – Jt. Secretary
Abbas Uchila                      – Treasurer
Yousuf Sakafi                     – Baitar Advisor
Ismail Shafi                        – Advisor
Muzaffar Ali                        – Media Secretary
Haneef N S                         – Org. Convenor
Ibrahim Padikkal                 – Convenor
and 25 other committee members.

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