K’taka BJP accuses Siddaramaiah of double speak on Dalits

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K’taka BJP accuses Siddaramaiah of double speak on Dalits

Bengaluru: The Karnataka BJP unit launched a blistering attack on Leader of the Opposition Siddaramaiah over his remarks holding the ruling party responsible for rising atrocities on Dalits in the state.

Apart from raking up a Dalit CM issue, the BJP also targeted him for remaining silent on the Bengaluru riot cases instead of taking sides with the Dalit MLA whose house was burnt down by a mob on August 11.

In a series of tweets, @BJP4Karnataka questioned Siddaramaiah about who defeated then KPCC president, G. Parameshwara in the 2013 Assembly polls. “Where was your love for Dalits when you defeated then KPCC president, Dr Parameshwara? Your own supporters pulled down the coalition government to deny Dr Parameshwara once again to complete his term as Deputy Chief Minister in 2019,” the BJP asked Siddaramaiah.

The BJP charged that he had always conspired to deny Dalits their due despite their efforts to mobilise and ensure the Congress party’s victories in the state. “He intentionally defeated Parmeshwara in the 2013 assembly polls only to deny him the CM’s post. Had he won in that election, he would have been undoubtedly the first Dalit CM of this state. You have denied this to Dalits, only to use them for your benefit and fulfil your own ambition of becoming CM,” the BJP alleged.

In another tweet, the BJP quipped that Siddaramaiah’s love for Dalits comes to the fore whenever he was in the opposition and not while ruling the state.

“During your tenure as the CM, more than the protection of Dalits, it became all the more important to organise Tipu Jayanti in the state,” the BJP charged and added that 9,000 Dalit atrocity cases were registered, 800 rape cases involving Dalit women were reported, and more than 350 murder cases in which Dalits were killed were reported.

“Why did you (Siddaramaiah) keep quiet then? Oh you were probably too busy to see all of this, as you were busy with Tipu Jayanti we suppose,” the BJP said.

The BJP questioned why was he silently supporting the “fundamentalists” who burnt down the Congress Dalit MLA’s house on August 11. “You term ‘fundamentalists’ innocents instead of your MLA? What does this say?” the BJP asked.

The series of tweets by the BJP hold significance as by-polls for two Assembly seats are round the corner.

Besides these by-polls, the state is warming up for elections in Gram Panchayats as well as in urban centres like Bengaluru, where the Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP) too would have to face polls in the coming months.

Through tweets, the BJP signalled that it would be taking up this (Dalit) issue in the forthcoming elections. Dalits in the state constitute about 25 to 30 per cent of the voters in every assembly constituency in the state.

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