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K’taka CM, Opposition leader exchange heated arguments 

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K’taka CM, Opposition leader exchange heated arguments 

Bengaluru: Accepting the Karnataka Chief Minister B. S. Yediyurappa’s challenge, the leader of the Opposition Siddaramaiah on Saturday asserted that if the Special Investigation Team (SIT) headed by a Supreme Court judge fails to prove the charges, he would resign then.

Speaking during the no-confidence motion here, Siddaramaiah said that his demand is that the state government should order for the SIT and let the government agree for it. “If the SIT fails to prove allegations raised in these sting operations, then I will resign,” he declared.

Siddaramaiah affirmed that he does not know who Vijayendra is, or Shashidhar Maradi who frequently figure in the sting operation by TV. “Why are you (ruling party members) all getting agitated whenever I take Vijaynedra’s name? Who is he,” he chided.

He added that he had not made any derogatory or defamatory allegations or statements here. “I have not linked Vijayendra to Yediyurappa in my entire speech. Why are these ruling party members getting agitated?” he questioned.

Meanwhile, Law and Parliamentary Affairs Minister J. C. Madhuswamy said that there is no question of allowing this debate to take place. “As the opposition parties, you have all the authority to criticize and reprimand for our government failures. The Opposition cannot waste the precious time of Assembly by raking up contents of a sting operation conducted by TV,” he argued.

Earlier, Karnataka Chief Minister, B. S. Yediyurappa had dared Siddaramaiah to prove allegations against him or his family members by going to court or Lokayukta. “If this agency upholds your (Siddaramaiah) allegations, I will resign from public life, if these agencies fail to prove, will you do the same?” he had challenged.

Intervening at this juncture, Siddaramaiah demanded a Special Investigation Team (SIT) to probe into sting operations conducted by the TV and the SIT should be headed by a sitting Supreme Court judge.

Angered by charges, Yediyurappa had asserted that as the Opposition leader, are you not aware of the rules? “One is not supposed to make allegations against a person, who is not a member of this house? This is a basic rule, which we ourselves have created. How can you being such a senior leader break this rule,” he questioned angrily.

When the ruling party members started raising slogans against Siddaramaiah, Yediyurappa asked his party members to remain silent as he was capable enough to handle such cases individually.

“Let him (Siddaramaiah) make allegations. I have all the gumption to reply him back” he said instructing his members to remain in silence.

When Siddaramaiah continued to make charges against Vijayendra, Yediyurappa charged, “You (Siddaramaiah) should be ashamed of yourself. You are not supposed to make allegations against any person who is not a member of this house. You prove the allegation or resign.”

Retorting to Yediyurappa, Siddaramaiah caustically remarked that can he (Yediyurappa) order a SIT probe into these allegations by sitting a Supreme Court judge?

Siddaramaiah charged that the sting operations have WhatsApp records and audio clips which are in public domain. “When these charges are in public domain, why should I resign? I am an opposition member, raising it here,” he said.

Rebutting allegations, Yediyurappa countered should our party members allow them to talk Congress leaders — Sonia Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi and Robert Vadra — here?

Intervening at this juncture, law and parliamentary affairs minister, J. C. Madhuswamy asserted that the Leader of the opposition cannot make allegations without giving a prior notice on such allegations.


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