K’taka govt approves 91 investment projects worth Rs 7,660 cr

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K’taka govt approves 91 investment projects worth Rs 7,660 cr

Bengaluru: The Karnataka government’s State Level Single Window Clearance Committee (SLSWCC) has cleared 91 industrial investment proposals worth Rs 7,659.52 crore with an employment generation potential of 18,146, an official statement said on Saturday.

The SLSWCC committee headed by state Minister M.B. Patil, approved 26 projects involving more than Rs 50 crore investment, totalling Rs 5,750.73 crore.

These hold the potential to create 13,742 jobs.

Some of the top investors include Maruti Suzuki India, Aequs Consumer, South West Mining and Tata Semiconductor, and Krypton (India) Solutions Private Ltd among others.

Of the total 91 proposals, about 57 investment projects are between Rs 15 crore to Rs 50 crore totalling Rs 1,144.94 crore, promising employment generation potential of 4,404 within Karnataka.

Eight projects with an additional investment of Rs 763.85 crore were also approved by the committee.

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  1. Good. But in the years to come, this will come down drastically as the state government is spending all the income on ‘free’ schemes and the infrastructure which is already substandard will get downgraded to poor or may go down to an uninvestable level. Worst part of it is that people easily fall for these schemes and vote for those parties to bring them to power. Eventually, every party will go for it. This is a vicious cycle and India will go again to dogs. This is definitely a danger for the country. Our country will be worse than Somalia. If people do not recognize this and still vote the ‘free’ scheming parties to power, our future generation WILL suffer.

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