K’taka man suspects wife has terror links, files police complaint

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K’taka man suspects wife has terror links, files police complaint

Mangaluru: A man in Karnataka’s Dakshina Kannada district on Friday filed a complaint with the police, alleging that his wife, who works in Dubai, has terror links and wants to take their daughter away with her.

In his complaint to Superintendent of Police Sonawane Rishikesh, Chidananda K.R. also alleged his wife, Raji Raghavan, is threatening him with dire consequences if he did not agree to her demands. “She claims to be knowing certain organisations and she would get me and my family punished,” he alleged.

He also claimed that a person from Lakshadweep is making frequent calls and forcing him to send his wife and daughter to Dubai. “This person is asking me to come to Kerala and he would give lots of money for sending my wife and daughter to Dubai for one year,” Chidananda said.

He said that his wife has been working in Dubai for 11 years, and came back home once a year and stayed for a month.

“I asked her to stay back in India as children were growing up, but she refused and went to Dubai. After that, she stopped calling me and receiving my calls. Meanwhile, I got a call from my sister-in-law and she informed me my wife worked as a helper in a school vehicle owned by a Pakistani national in Dubai,” he said in the complaint.

Raji Raghavan insisted that she would take the daughter with her and told him that she has come to India for the purpose. When Chidananda objected to it and asked her to stay back in India, she told him that she would take the daughter with her only for 6 months and bring her back.

“My parents objected to the proposal. Raji Raghavan then demanded a divorce and insisted that after divorce, I should be taking care of children. My daughter also opposed it and she has revealed to me that her mother had tortured her for taking my side,” he said.

“After that, she was always found busy with her phone. Whenever it rang, she used to go away to speak. She began objecting to Hindu traditions of wearing flowers in the hair and applying vermillion on the forehead during Onam celebrations,” Chidananda complained.

Whenever Chidananda asked about what happened to her savings, Raji Raghavan gave contact number of Mohammad Khasim who lived in Lakshadweep and told him that she has lent all the money to him.

He said when he spoke to Khasim, he asked Chidananda to send Raji Raghavan as his wife and if at all he wanted a mother for his children, he needs to wait. “Khasim has even threatened that if I don’t send her, they knew how to take her,” he said in his complaint.

“My wife, who went to sleep with daughter on July 26, gone away by the morning with a stranger without informing,” he said in the complaint.

Chidananda said that he had lodged a complaint with Dharmasthala police station, and was told that she is getting treatment at an ayurveda hospital.

“I have been asked to wait for 10 days. Meanwhile, I am getting calls from Kerala to send away my wife and children. No harm should come to my wife and children. It is to be ascertained where actually she is working in Dubai and who is the person from Lakshadweep,” he said.

Chidananda told IANS that, he is suspecting his wife of having possible terror links, and the matter needs to be investigated as her behaviour is suspicious.

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