K’taka polls: No end in sight to family fued in JD(S)

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K’taka polls: No end in sight to family fued in JD(S)

Bengaluru: At a time when national parties are ironing out differences and sending out a message of unity to workers, a family feud is still haunting JD(S) in Karnataka over the allocation of Hassan constituency ticket to Bhavani Revanna, daughter-in-law of former Prime Minister H.D. Deve Gowda.

JD(S) wants to play a kingmakers role after the elections and former Chief Minister H.D. Kumaraswamy, who is holding the reins in the party, had declared that national parties will have to come to his doorstep after the elections.

Kumaraswamy had also claimed that national leaders of Congress, and BJP are already in touch with him for alliance.

However, as the poll dates are declared, the issue of giving tickets to Bhavani Revanna still remains a contentious issue in the Gowda family. Even though Kumaraswamy is refusing to give a ticket to Bhavani Revanna — his elder brother and former minister H.D. Revanna’s wife, the Revanna family is adamant about it.

The BJP has managed to wrestle the Hassan constituency, considered as a bastion of JD(S) in the last Assembly elections. Preetam Gowda emerged victorious, delivering a shock to the Gowda family. Preetam Gowda has challenged the Gowda family to field any candidate from the family, he will win by a huge margin of votes.

Bhavani Revanna is keen on contesting elections and has already started to work in this direction. However, Kumaraswamy is not willing to field her as a candidate. This has resulted in strife between Kumaraswamy and Revanna families according to sources.

Even former PM Deve Gowda is not able to convince his sons’ families. Now, the issue has taken a serious turn as Bhavani Reavanna’s first son Prajwal Revanna, Member of Parliament from Hassan, has said that he would resign his post if his mother is not given a ticket, sources said.

Bhavani Revanna’s second son Suraj Revanna, who is elected as MLC, had vented out his ire against Kumaraswamy publicly over the contest of his mother.

Kumaraswamy reiterated that party workers and the development of the party are important to him. Only if it is inevitable family members are contesting. There is a strong candidate for Hassan. “We should not give room for criticism. I am very much sticking to my earlier decision,” he clarified, indicating that he would not give a ticket to Bhavani Revanna.

However, H.D. Revanna, countered that he does not know any strong candidate for Hassan. “I don’t know to which common party worker the ticket will be given,” he said ironically.

The statements reflected all is not well within former Prime Minister Deve Gowda’s family and it would have a serious impact on election results. Kumaraswamy’s son Nikhil Kumaraswamy is contesting for the MLA post from the Ramnagar constituency, held by his mother Anita Kumaraswamy. Party sources explain that the power strife is very much on between the Kumaraswamy and Revanna families, which ensured the victory of the party all these years.

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