Kudla’s Alternative/Rock Band ‘MARTIANS’ Release Their Debut Single ‘What’s Stopping You’!

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Kudla’s Alternative/Rock Band ‘MARTIANS’ Release Their Debut Single ‘What’s Stopping You’!

Mangaluru: “The message is in the music, now if you’re ready the band’s got the notion, Too in motion-Well now it looks like the big fun has just begun- Let’s rock the house, Let’s shock the house, Boom boom shake the room -Let’s rock the shock the house all night, All right don’t stop don’t stop, Oh bang that thing to the beat of the drum. Now the rhythm’s making you wanna dance and sing, And otherwise do your thing, Well swing to the music, Woo, Listen. So here’s to your health now especially. Make it funky. The house starts rocking, When the drummer starts socking. So party inside and out yeah. Shout to the music now- Let’s rock the house. Let’s shock the house- Music from the soul of man, and the heart of woman”-yes, that’s how the scene is always when Mangaluru newest and hottest Alternative/Progressive Rock Band “MARTIANS” hit the stage for a live gig.

When the Band begins to play, the crowd gets treated to an unforgettable live show. And that’s how ‘Martians’ live shows are! Their playing can be described with one word: captivating. They mesmerize with their passionate playing to hold the audience spellbound, and the audience gives them a well-deserved applaud. Their performance is filled with a potency that gives the music life and vibrancy, and the band members will tear into it with an intensity that will be overwhelming. Pulsating, heart-stopping reels and jigs, their music defies an audience to remain seated–simply exhilarating! Whether mesmerizing the audience with slow classic rock and alternative hits, these musicians can deliver, straight from their heart. With their superb stage performances, “Martians” could be a much appreciated live act throughout Mangaluru and surrounding areas in the coming days when they schedule their live gigs.

The band members have a colourful embodiment of talents that spreads positivity around them. Their performances and their music has brought a sense of freshness that grabs the listener with newfound energy. Their unique rock/alternative/progressive influences have brought them firmly into the spotlight of the mainstream. Their music is full of life and you will enjoy their performance when they go live. Their music is often so well blended that you will experience the honey-like smooth consistency in it. No doubt, ‘Martians’ is one of the upcoming thrilling, innovative acts on the music rock scene, with the unique reputation of enthralling audiences in any kind of setting-from college music festivals, live concerts to pub gigs. One has to watch these guys play live- their prominent electric guitar riffs, bright synthesizers, a homogeneous sound and message, and the pitch-correcting software Auto-Tune are superb. This “peppy” band who are heavy on clipped rhythms and chugging guitars and mesmerizing keyboards are sure to entertain everyone once they are on stage live.

Martians began performing in college events in 2017 with the original five members of the band (Anston, Riyan, Shrest, Roopith, and Prasad). The bass player and keyboardist chose to leave the next year, resulting in Benet and Melroy becoming permanent members of the band in 2018. Aaron, their most recent addition to their band, joined as a permanent member in 2019. Their musical journey began during events at St Aloysius PU Campus Mangalore (2017-2019), and they have been performing together in college festivals, “Battle of Bands”, and gigs in and around Mangaluru since then. They’re noted for their distinct fusion sound, which includes everything from Indian classical to Progressive Rock to melodic EDM. Due to the affection and support, they have got from students and their friends at St Aloysius PU, Degree colleges, and people all across Mangaluru, they have extraordinarily wide popularity, primarily consisting of a young audience.

The Band “MARTIANS’ comprise of:


who is a rhythm/lead guitarist. Riyan’s music has been influenced by artists such as Plini and Snarky Puppy. Riyan’s unique approach to chord pattern creation launched the band in a new direction, allowing them to push the boundaries of their musicality while always generating new music.


is the band’s bassist. He’s used parts from Polyphia and Dirty Loops, among others. Progressing with basic yet best-sounding groves, backing up the entire band with magical bass lines, and also co-producing, mixing, and mastering their tunes, giving them a whole new feeling.


is the violinist in the band. Anston’s music has been influenced by artists such as Sid Sriram and Govind Vansantha. Beautiful compositions and exquisite Violin Melodies arise from Anston’s grasp of harmony. He also attentively examines the structure of the songs and makes any necessary changes. Leading up to the single What’s stopping you.


is the band’s drummer. Artists like Shiv Mani and Gino Banks have a big influence on him. A self-taught musician who began drumming at an early age and has incorporated Indian Classical influences into his drumming methods. He has a highly distinct, surprising, and innovative element that greatly contributes to the band’s percussive side.


is the band’s keyboardist. His musicality is influenced by artists such as One Ok Rock and Takahiro Moriuchi. He also co-produces with Benet and Aaron, bringing his own flavour to the band through the use of synths and sounds. He puts his heart and his soul into the music, and he is constantly striving to bring out the best in the band.


is the band’s Acoustic/Rhythm Guitarist and Producer. Electronic and modern music, as well as performers such as Pineapple Express and Skrillex, have had a strong influence on him. With his electronic music, he holds the band together and creates mental loops, which elevates the musically dense band to new heights.

Speaking to Team Mangalorean about their single debut “WHAT’S STOPPING YOU’, bassist Benet Braganza said, “The song ‘What’s Stopping You’- it evolves around the ideas of Ambition, the drive to achieve Greatness, and the motivation to never give up on your dreams. The making of this song began almost two months prior to its release. We’ve written and recorded the entire song at home due to the Covid-19 lockdown situation around the same time and has been perfected over the span of one and a half months. This song was created entirely on Ableton without the use of any costly instruments”

“A BM800 Condenser Mic and a Behringer UM2 Interface were used to record vocals, acoustic guitars, and violins in a bedroom. It has vocals from Vijeth Ullal and Galvin Fernandes, two expressively talented and well-known singers from Mangaluru. The making of this song was definitely a journey for all of us as we finally were putting our hearts out through the melodies and rhythms we were writing and recording. We were happy to see it grow and mature into what it sounds today. We would love you all to listen to this song and tell us how you feel. And if you liked it maybe you could help us get our work out to a wider audience using your platform. It would help us a lot and I can promise you our hard work will show throughout this song. Would be happy to hear what you think”, added Benet.

The band has performed on various occasions including corporate launches, college concerts and fundraising charity shows. Once the lockdown/pandemic is over, the band wants to focus on bringing the Rock/Alternative scenes back to life. If everything goes well, the band has plans of releasing a full-fledged album sooner or later. The power of each song performed by the band is just exceptional – awesome vocals, awesome arrangement of instruments. Once the band starts performing they let you get lost into a real-world of rock! Worth listening to each and everyone out there! Seriously! Brilliant Songs all round! Simply superb; Great music.. All the band members are awesome at what they do. This band is amongst the few bands who revive the true power of rock/progressive/alternative music!

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  1. This band consists of highly talented and hardworking individuals.
    Right from our PU days cheering for the Martians has always been ICONIC!
    We’re proud of our boys and wish them the best. 🙂

  2. Congratulations gentlemen; proud to know that you are connected with st Aloysius. Some of you are my students too. Wish you very good future in your chosen field. Your parents, relations, friends and well wishers will be truly proud of you. God bless you all.

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