Kudla’s first ITT of the season kicks off in style

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Kudla’s first ITT of the season kicks off in style

Mangaluru: The first WERC ITT of the season was unfolded during this weekend, with all young cyclists from Mangalore and Udupi, lining up near BMW Showroom on the BC Road highway on February 14.

Individual Time Trial, known as ITT is a road bike race, in which cyclists race alone in a predetermined race route, but against the clock. The riders start the block at equal intervals, one or two minutes apart and finish the racecourse which depends entirely on the riders strength, endurance and ability to handle the terrain. Riders are not permitted to draft behind each other or seek help. The rider with the fastest time is declared the winner.

Set on the challenging race course of 13.2 km on the stretch between BC Road and Benjanapadvu, the route had a flat terrain, to begin with followed by rolling terrains of Maripalla and the steep mountain top with 10% gradient, near Canara Engineering College, to finish with. 22 riders, aged between 12 to 60+ years took part in the event. It was indeed a treat to watch accomplished riders like Laksh, Dhanraj, Shrinidhi, Ravi, Harivijay, Naveen and Joseph Pereira racing together. Inspired by the presence of glittering stars, the young and the old alike were racing to set their Personal Records and the intense competition saw almost everyone registering their PRs.

The racers were categorised into 3 groups, 37 & Under, 38 & above and Open category. Ravi Sharma finished the race with an impressive timing of 25:16 min followed by Shrinidhi Urala trailing a touch behind at 1:18min and Dhanraj Karkera at 1:52min.

The event was meticulously planned and neatly organised by Dhanraj, Ashwath and Harnish with support from team WERC volunteers. Winners and all the finishers of the race were honoured with beautiful medals, by the club president Sarvesha Samaga.

Participation in large numbers for today’s ITT is the true indication of racing interest in the youngsters around. Such events unique to the coastal region, will not only attract more cyclists to the region, slowly but surely help to build the racing community around.

Race Results

Category – 37 & below
1st – Ravi Sharma, 25:16
2nd – Shrinidhi Urala, 26:34
3rd – Dhanraj Karkera, 27:07

Category – 38 & above
1st – Navin Kotian, 29:41
2nd – Joseph Pereira, 32:57

Category – Open
1st – Harivijay Kudva, 30:01
2nd – Hardik, 32:43
3rd – Rachith D’Souza, 33:30

Our sincere gratitude to all racers, volunteers, sponsors, Violet Pereira and her team from Mangalorean.Com for the event coverage.

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