Kudla’s Joseph Pereira Wins ‘ Chamundi Challenge 2023’ Cycling Competition

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Kudla’s Joseph Pereira Wins ‘ Chamundi Challenge 2023’ Cycling Competition

Mangaluru: Kudla’s Joseph Pereira win the’ Chamundi Challenge 2023′ Cycling Competition, which was held on Sunday, 19 February 2023 in Mysuru. The cycling competition started from the Chamundi Hill Arch at 6.30 a.m. and culminated at Devikere atop the hills, where a large number of Cyclists participated in several different categories. The competition was conducted by The Mysuru Cycling Club.

The categories were Under-14 Boys and Girls, Under-16 Boys and Girls, Under-18 Boys and Girls, Amateur Men (No age bar), Master Men and Master Women (38 plus years), Grand Masters Men and Women (45 plus years), Veteran Men and Women (55 plus years) and Women, besides the Elite Men’s category for national and state level riders. All participants who finished the race were given certificates and the top three winners in each category were given awards. The podium ceremony began after the last rider reached the finishing line.

The Chamundi Challenge 2023 is a racing event testing the mettle of cyclists, where the objective of the organizers was also to give an impetus to youngsters to take up cycling as a sport professionally. The event entailed cycling up the Chamundi Hills and the organisers said they want to change the way cycling is pursued in the country and help youngsters get into the sport at a professional level. “It is also a healthy activity that promotes overall fitness and the efforts of the organisation have acted as a catalyst in ensuring the growth of cycling as a sport in Mysuru”, added the organizers.

Hailing from Mangaluru, 63-year-old Joseph Pereira completed the Chamundi Challenge 2023 cycling competition under the Veteran Men (55-plus years) category. Joining Joseph was Brian Semento from Mangaluru who also participated in the Chamundi Challenge. Joseph Pereira bagged first place in the Veteran Men (55 plus years) category and Brian won third place in Grand Masters (45 plus years) category.

With this Joseph Pereira adds yet another feather to his cap after winning quite a few awards/prizes in Cycling competitions in the past.

Winners List in Various categories:

Veteran Men 55 plus years

  1. Joseph Pereira – 18:55.6

  2. Ramesh Narasaiah – 20:33.1

  3. Nagendra Rao – 23:02.9


Under -14 Boys

  1. Akhilan S R -19:20.5

  2. Shourya H N -25:06.5

  3. Diganth S -26:23.6


Under 14 Girls

  1. Ahana Kiran G R 26:59.1

  2. Pragathi Divakar 46:40.1


Under-16 Boys

  1. Tanish Naidu – 17:36.8

  2. Ashish Poupu – 18:02.9

  3. Mithun Prasad- 20:19.5


Under-18 Boys and Girls

  1. Dhananjay – 13:55.5

  2. Samarpan Jain – 15:12.0

  3. Ruchir C – 16:21.5


Amateur Men (No age bar)

  1. Deepak Pathange – 18:12.7

  2. Dakshin P Gowda – 19:12.9

  3. Kiran Kumar – 19:40.8


Master Men

  1. Manjunath – 18:29.9

  2. Sunil Kumar – 18:40.7

  3. Bhanujumara – 18:50.4


Master Women (38 plus years)

  1. Vathsala – 28:40.6


Grand Masters Men (45 plus years)

  1. Ankur Ghosh – 19:26.9

  2. Thejaswi – 21:56.9

  3. Brian Semento – 22:00.1


Grand Masters Women (45 plus years)

  1. Veena Ashok – 27:02.5

  2. Soujanya – 36:12.0

  3. Meenakshi – 45:58.1


Elite Men category

  1. Vyshakh K V – 13:02.2

  2. Somesh – 13:15.4

  3. Lakshmish – 13:25.0

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