KUWS & DB Staff Bade Farewell to ‘RANI’- a Stray Dog Which Made Home this Office for 12 + years

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Karnataka Urban Water Supply and Drainage Board (KUWS & DB), Mangaluru Staff Bade Farewell to ‘RANI’- a Stray Dog Which Made Home this Office for 12 + years

Mangaluru: Nearly thirty staff members at the Karnataka Urban Water Supply and Drainage Board, Mangaluru still continue to mourn not for the death of their colleague but Rani, a stray that made home at this office for about 12 years. While most might think, what is so path-breaking about giving someone a dignified death? Well, Rani wasn’t a fellow human, she was a stray dog in this Office premises. The stray had made a special place in the hearts of the staff since his arrival nearly 12 years ago. When Rani died a couple of days ago, the staff shed tears, and bade her farewell observing final rites and rituals, and was then laid to rest with burial in the office compound.

Rani’s loyalty to the staff and visitors who come to this office is apparent in the fact that when the dog passed away, they did everything in their power to give her a dignified burial. This heart-warming gesture by the KUWS & DB staff really reinstates our faith in the unconditional love that continues to exist between humans and animals. The dog was so friendly everyone fell in love with the animal, and the dog has never harmed anyone in the locality.

And the best part was that on Wednesday, many were curious to see an obituary of a dog with a spectacle with a message from staff of KUWS & DB in a local Kannada daily. One was sure that the pet did not belong to a single owner but cared for, loved as well and reared by many. Speaking to Team Mangalorean, Jayashree, a clerk at this office who had named the dog and was very dear to her said, “Nearly 12 years ago, Rani came to this office building when she was a puppy, and since then made it her home. She was friendly with everyone and got along well with every one of us. Sadly the dog died due to liver complications on 21 May. We had tried our level best to save it by roping in the best available veterinarian in the city but it bid us goodbye,”.

Explaining Rani’s journey, she said that she grew up at the office and stayed here. One of the drivers had bought a chain to tie her inside. It guarded the premises along with security guards and used to bark at strangers. However, it was friendly with every staff member. Everyone loved her, pet her and fed her till last. Though it was a stray, it never lived a dog’s life. It was cleaned, vaccinated and dewormed regularly. On its last days, Rani was suffering from liver-related ailments. “We tried to get her treatment but couldn’t,” Jayashree shares, expressing sorrow over the death of Rani. “We will not adopt any dog in the future. It breaks our heart when it dies. Rani truly was the best friend of everyone here,” she said.

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