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Lass needs help to start ‘Fusion Kudla’ Restaurant

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Lass needs help to start ‘Fusion Kudla’ Restaurant

Mangaluru: Good news for women who are good at cooking, because pretty soon you can unleash your cooking talents and utilize them at a unique restaurant which will comprise of “Fusion” food- a restaurant that would be launched by a MBA graduate hailing from Kudla, who got bored working for a Financial Multi-National (US) Company (MNC) in Bengaluru, and wanted to start a restaurant business of her own, since she like to cook and loves food. This budding entrepreneur is Swapna Kunil from Mangaluru, who has finally quit her job at the MNC and has decided to leverage these experiences, a deep passion for food and her management education to open up a restaurant that is built on the amazing culinary skills that women have.


Take for example, Christine like many Indian housewives has always been cooking three meals a day for her family but she usually does not get an opportunity to use these same skills to become financially independent. Swapna has grown up in environments where there are several women like Christine and ever since then Swapna always wanted to add value to the wonderful skills that these women posses. So she has decided to open a unique restaurant in the coastal city-“Kudla” having rich varieties of foods deeply engraved in its culture, and also being Swapna’s hometown, she has christened the restaurant as “Fusion Kudla”.

Swapna’s father, Ravi Kunil is a retired businessman, while her mother, Savitri is a retired health supervisor (Health Department)- and she has a elder brother Deepak, and a younger brother, Sandeep. Her grandfather had owned a restaurant in Mangaluru in the 60’s. A self-trained cook and also an artist, Swapna is always amazed at the magic that happens when cuisine from different cultures come together, for instance, how Italian, Mexican or Mughlai flavours blend with her local ‘Kudla’ food. Hence she has decided to name her restaurant as ‘Fusion Kudla’, where Kudla food blends with culinary styles from across the globe.

Swapna’s journey so far comes from a family passionate about food,whether it be cooking or serving . As an artist, she has exhibited her paintings in Chitrakala Parishath (Bengaluru) and Durbar hall, Kochi, Kerala- and few of her paintings are in online gallery-Art square. It is not possible for most women in the Indian societies to work full time as they are also homemakers. However, the food they cook is no match for any restaurant or joint, the plan is to allow these women to work during hours of their choice and make additional income. Swapna believes that this will enhance their self-esteem and help make them financially independent.

Speaking to Team Mangalorean, Swapna said, “I am planning on opening this unique restaurant in a vicinity buzzing with students, as most of them are staying away from home and already missing the magical touch that their moms have in their food, “Fusion Kudla” with your support will come to their rescue. Because we will provide excellent service, our primary marketing will come from word of mouth through our loyal customers. We also plan to be active on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Plans to notify local news channels and also traditional advertising methods such as distributing coupons on campus and in surrounding businesses, along with sidewalk signage will also be utilized. We will also do some sampling and demos to create new food and give customer the opportunity to try our new food and experience our creativity.This will help build a word of mouth campaign ,which will be our most effective form of marketing strategy.”

She further said, ” 80% of the employees at “Fusion Kudla” will be women, with two main women chefs. I already have three hotel management graduates who have years of experience in the hotel industry ready to join my restaurant. Other women can join our cook team, utilize their cooking talents, satisfy the customers with their impeccable cooking, and then get paid for their culinary talents. Isn’t it a good way to earn some extra bucks,rather than sit at home and watch TV or relax on the couch. Regarding the ambience, we plan to provide a natural ambience with plenty of greenery and where people get a break from the city rush. But to accomplish my dream I am looking forward for financial support from the public, since the restaurant has to be started from scratch, and so funds are very much needed, and the estimated cost is around Rs 23 Lakh”

“Whatever amount we are able to get from your support, it shall be used towards achieving the same goal, if it’s a 100 % funding than I see my dream restaurant coming up, if its little lesser, I will cut down my costs on furniture. If it’s 50%, I would have a much smaller space but the same ambition, with something like 25 %, I will still be able to open a food stall. If I get anything more than 100 %, the extra amount shall add to the size and look of the space. And also I will share part of the profits with my employees. “Fusion Kudla” is committed to provide opportunity to housewives, the local community and local farmers. We will also provide exhibition space for the local artists to showcase their work. Our business plan, market research, competitive analysis, operating plan, marketing plan are in progress. We’re also working on various dishes that’ll be on our introductory menu ” added Swapna. .

Once opened, “Fusion Kudla” will be a Modern multi Cuisine restaurant with a Twist! With added Forest atmosphere, old traditional food, eclectic music and personable staff, the ambiance will express the “Fusion” concept. Swapna is planning to create forest environment with a modern touch, where she said that the brilliant shades of green and blue will give earth tones and a traditional indoor mural will reveal tribal and artistic ancestry, passion for the art and elegance. The values of “Fusion Kudla ” will uphold healthy living and wellness. As such Swapna has ideas to offer her clients an array of organic teas, coffee, freshly juiced fruits,vegetable juice without sugar, and absolutely no artificial flavour ,all freshly grounded masala every day.

Some of the items on the menu will be Ameriki ,english vinglish, taco ring,shakshuka, tortillas rock -n-roll,cheesy dosa, idli sandwich,pizza dosa ,Tupka(Nepali ),Mediterranean rice ..etc etc. “Fusion Kudla” will no doubt be a restaurant suitable for groups with a choice of menu options to fit in your desired budget. This is the place where you can organize business meals. “Fusion Kudla” will be the right place to make a memorable event in your life.

Through our website Swapna wants to give her humble message, stating, “My main intention to launch this project is to give women an opportunity to unleash their hidden talents of cooking, and in the same time make some earning. Also I want to introduce some unique food, since Mangaloreans are fed up savouring the same dishes all the time. Consuming same food is boring, let’s switch to some authentic homely food cooked in a homely style. To make my dreams come true, I need your support. There are many ways you can help us with this campaign besides monetary funding.  Ask friends to support the project. Forward a link to this campaign to people you think might be interested. Anything you can do to help us reach a larger audience, including using the Indiegogo share tools. Thank you, everyone, that took a time to read. Thanks Mangalorean.com for your support in my endeavour”.

For more information Call Swapna at 9686375594 or visit www.fusionkudla.in

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  1. I always have so much respect for those who follow their passion. This lady also seems to be a blessed artist. All the best in her business.

  2. The restaurant business is high risk and there expected high return. I think what you are looking for is venture capital funding. That is possible if there is a clear business plan to execute it with numbers to back up.
    The dream is important but should not expect the public to donate funding towards someone else’s dream. Rather put up a strong business case and then look for investor funding.
    Mangalorean people know their taste buds and are very picky on what they like to eat given that there is so much choice.

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