‘Law Student in Rape Attempt Case is Mentally Harassed by Investigators’-Prasanna Ravi

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‘Law Student in Rape Attempt Case is Mentally Harassed by Investigators’-Prasanna Ravi

Mangaluru: A social activist has alleged that the law student, who filed a case of attempt to rape against senior advocate KSN Rajesh, is being mentally harassed and called for investigation without any valid reasons.

Activist Prasanna Ravi, who has come in support of All College Students’ Association and the victim, while addressing media persons at Mangaluru Press Club, alleged that the victim is being called for investigation whenever the association plans for a protest or any activities to demand justice. “When the student organization requested the police to organize a peaceful protest to demand justice, they are denied permission citing election code of conduct. However, they (police) allow others to do the same (protest). Why is the police department silencing their voices,” Prasanna Ravi questioned.

Meanwhile, she also criticized the department’s inability to trace the accused, who is still at large even after 50 days. “The police commissioner is also not meeting us in person to discuss the case. Whenever we raise our voice, the police commissioner conducts a press conference on the development of the case. Last time when we questioned, he spoke about a lookout notice being served against the accused.”

She also alleged that investigating officer also harassed the victim citing the investigation. The victim was called to the investigation office without any reason, in the name of the investigation. “She was also not provided with any female police constable during the journey to the office or no vehicle most of the time. The current case should be handed over to DCP,” she demanded.

The association members also threatened that they will go for an indefinite hunger strike if the accused is not arrested at the earliest.

Meanwhile, Police Commissioner N Shashi Kumar clarified that “We are working on the case and are investing a lot of time on it. Some cases are detected within hours or a few days, but some take longer. We are sure to come to a logical end to this case. An able IPS officer is deputed to oversee the case and there is no necessity to change him,”.


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  1. If police want, they can solve this in no-time. Looks like Rajesh is close to the political leaders

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