Laying Some Red Mud to Cover the Gravel is just an Eyewash to Fool the Public

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Laying Some Red Mud to Cover the Gravel due to the shabby work of UGD project near St Theresa’s School, Bendore in the City is just an Eyewash to Fool the Public. There was already an incident on Wednesday, where a mother escorting her daughter to the school slipped on this loose mud, and injured her palm with bruises

On 27 November 2021 Team Mangalorean had published an article in (Ref : Slow Pace of UGD Work Since a MONTH has Put Motorists & Students in Hardship near STS  ) highlighting the slow pace of drainage work in front of St Theresa’s School, Bendore, Mangaluru which had put the motorists, students and their parents in hardship. Following our report the work was expedited at a faster pace, and the work was completed. However, the workers left the area in a shabby and unsafe condition , by not concreting the dug up area, which has now become a safety hazard for the children going to school, and motorists, especially two-wheeler riders.


Once again on 4 January 2022, Team Mangalorean had published yet another report (Ref: Portion of Dug Up Road Near St Theresa’s School Left Not Concreted is a SAFETY HAZARD! ) .The dug area has been left behind with jelly/gravel and dust, and two-wheeler riders have been falling off their vehicles after skidding on the loose gravel. Even children were seen falling and getting hurt with minor injuries by walking on this gravel. There are also other safety hazards like electric and cable wires, which pose danger to the school going children, and also the public.


The website’s impact was so quick, that after the report was published, the concerned people behind this unscientific project quickly spread some red mud over the gravel, which was nothing but an eyewash to fool the public. Seems like the “Something is better than nothing” kind of policy that these officials adhered to by just sprinkling some mud on the gravel. The mud is also so slippery that on Wednesday, a mother escorting her daughter to the school slipped on this loose mud, and injured her palm with bruises. Is this what our officials do to fool the public with their shabby work?

Team Mangalorean has already sent the photos of the mud being used to cover the gravel portion of the road to MCC Commissioner Akshy Sridhar, who has assured to rectify the issue immediately. HOPE SO?

It should be noted that when the Under Ground Drainage work was taken up for a month in front of St Theresa’s School, Bendore it had put the motorists and school children and their parents in hardship. The slow pace of work had made the situation even worse. The MCC nor the Engineer nor the contractor cared about the inconveniences faced by the people. With only 3-4 people working on this project, the work was delayed. Only if people with common sense behind this project would have thought of putting more workers and making them work a few extra hours, this project would have been completed early. Unfortunately, none of our district admin nor MCC officials care about the hardship people face and also their safety.

And also none of our officials in the district administration nor MCC care about the safety of the children or adults. Just look at the unfinished dug up area in front of the school left without concreting. This is exactly the kind of work we see undertaken either by Mangaluru Smart City Ltd (MSCL) and Mangaluru City Corporation (MCC), most of them Unscientific, Unplanned and Incomplete.. When such kind of developmental works are undertaken in an unscientific and slow pace it puts lives in hardship.

Through this report we want to bring to the notice the concerned officials to take immediate action and see that the dug up portion of the road in front of St Theresa’s School is concreted,and NOT JUST COVERED WITH RED MUD, and also the loose electric wires/cables are rectified, before few more persons , including the children fall or get electrocuted. We seek the quick action of MCC Commissioner Akshy Sridhar, MCC Mayor Premanand Shetty in this regard.

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