Leading European Online Casino Operators Eyeing India’s Gambling Market

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Leading European Online Casino Operators Eyeing India’s Gambling Market

A recent report demonstrates the remarkable growth and attractiveness of the Indian online gambling market. According to The Baltic Times, European gambling game providers will formally make their games available to Indian players.

Noted game providers such as Ezugi and Evolution Gaming will reportedly introduce their extensive collections of games to India within the year. Indian gamblers may have already experienced some of the casino games from European developers. However, this year marks the first time for these companies to show interest in the Indian market.

Why India?

According to a survey reported by India West, around 40% of all Indian internet users are likely to gamble. Not everyone in this 40% statistic frequent casinos online or offline, but many do. According to the projections, India will soon take over the United Kingdom as the world’s top betting country.

The sheer number of potential customers, however, is not the only reason why many online gambling companies are interested in India. Another crucial reason is the online gambling policy of the country or the lack of it. The South Asian economic giant does not have a clear policy on online casinos. The country does not consider them legal, but it also does not say they are illegal.

As such, many online casinos operate in India. Even offshore gambling sites serve Indian players. Only a few states have rigorous policies on online gambling. Most parts of the country do not impose regulations or restrictions. The only known legal requirement is for online casinos to support the rupee as an option for keeping account balances.

Also, the unclear regulation of online casinos has not led to dubious or fraudulent sites. Based on real and unbiased casino reviews in India, the majority of what players find online is legitimate. There have been no major issues reported so far.

The state of online gambling in India

A few months ago, India’s online gambling scene was featured in The Week magazine. The article noted how the decentralization of gambling regulation in India has led to some confusion. Right now, only three states legalize gambling in specialized establishments. These are Sikkim, Goa, and Daman. Meanwhile, two states, Telangana and Andhra Pradesh, impose legal prohibitions on online gambling.

Despite all of these, it can be said that online gambling is still big in India. Online casinos are largely unregulated except in the two states mentioned earlier. Offshore online casinos are not outlawed in the country. Indian players or anyone in India can freely sign up at online casinos and play with real money.

Some would say that India’s online gambling market is in a grey area, so it may be risky for gambling sites to target this market. There are worries that new adverse regulations may be implemented later on. However, such fears do not seem to hold up at least in the foreseeable future.


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