Leaking UGD with Stinking Water near Indira Hospital since 15 Days Posing Health Hazards

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Leaking Underground Drainage (UGD) with Filthy and Stinking Water near Indira Hospital on Falnir Road in the City since 15 Days Posing Health Hazards to the Nursing students, patients and employees of the Hospital, School children and the General Public. Is MCC waiting for Engineers to come from New Delhi to fix this problem?

Mangaluru: To Whomsoever It may concern! or to whoever is the Corporator of this area/Ward near Indira Hospital on Falnir Road in Mangaluru, this report is for your kind consideration in seeing that action is taken immediately in fixing the Overflow of dirty UGD water oozing out for nearly 15 days. Apart from the Corporator, this report is for the kind perusal of the MCC Commissioner, MCC Mayor and local MLA to look into this issue and rectify it soon, before more people get sick inhaling the stink. Irrespective of which party you belong to as a corporator, on behalf of the residents in that area and also the commuters who have to wade through the stinking water spilt on the road, Team Mangalorean makes a kind request to do the needful and rectify the issue before people fall sick from this dirty water, contaminated with filth, mosquitoes etc.

It’s been almost 15 days since the dilapidated Underground Drainage has been overflowing with FILTHY and STINKING water, which has been posing a safety hazard to motorists and pedestrians. Is this how our elected representatives, City Officials, corporators and other concerned authorities care about the safety of motorists and commuters? Our City officials feel proud to call Mangaluru a SMART CITY, but in reality, IT’S NOT. Just look at the dug-up roads, shabby developmental projects, scattered garbage, overflowing drains, incomplete hazardous footpaths, and many more- and now we have this leaking UGD with water flowing all along the stretch of Falnir road from Indira Hospital, putting pedestrians in hardship. Seems like the long-pending dreams of the nearby mosquitoes, toads and frogs have finally materialized by the Mangaluru City Corporation.

Apart from the leakage of water, it threatens the hygiene of the nursing students and also children attending Marjill School and others taking that route. This could also contaminate drinking water which is being polluted by the overflowing sewage water. Despite the efforts and complaints made by locals, sewage water continues to overflow from the open manhole, leaving the area a TOTAL MESS! Nursing students of Indira Nursing College face inconvenience to board their college bus, due to the stranded stinking water, and they have raised their concern through Team Mangalorean on this issue.

While the City officials and health department officials are going around bringing awareness on the spread of Dengue and Malaria, here we are seeing a bunch of water-filled dug-up pits and potholes, giving scope for mosquito breeding- and these so-called Dedicated? and committed? officials have turned a blind eye to such civic issues, including this leaking UGD. With the dirty water overflowing from this UGD, speeding vehicles passing by splash the stinky and filthy water on the pedestrians walking on the nearby footpath. No matter what, no one cares about the safety of the people.

For a City which has been selected as one of the “Smart Cities” of India, it seems like we are lacking “Smart People”, right from Officials at MSCL and MCC, Engineers, Contractors, and other District authorities, who are not doing their job right, thereby putting the lives of people in danger and hardship. The water from this UGD is even flowing onto the road, and the water gets splashed on pedestrians. It is carnage out there. Even today, when there is so much conversation about road safety and health safety, and despite pedestrians being at the forefront of this conversation, many roads are not safe either due to overflowing of drainage/UGD, construction or debris left after construction. Not “Smart” for a so-called “Smart City”? Period.

Hoping this report by Team Mangalorean will bring positive results at the earliest before children and people GET SICK!

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  1. Alfie, please note that Hospital will not care about this problem even if their Students get Ill. Does the Hospital raise the Issue of Garbage near a Drug House in Kadri? A good article, this will bring attention to hospitals regarding Health Issues.

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