Leopard attacks Boy while playing

Boy injured as leopard attacks him while playing

Cape Town, May 7 (IANS) A six-year-old boy was injured after a leopard attacked him while playing with his brother in a game reserve in South Africa.

Kellan Denny was recovering from serious injuries after being snatched and then attacked in front of his father, Justin.

The leopard released the boy from its jaws after carrying him nearly 100 ft. The boy survived with bite marks on his neck, arm and shoulders, Daily Mail reported.

Justin said: “He was running on [a] wall and had done about six or seven laps … and then he wanted to go back and do another lap. When he went back to the wall, that is when the leopard attacked.”

The father said he jumped up and ran after the leopard, screaming: “No, no, no, this can’t be happening.”

The leopard dropped Denny and his father carried him back to a hut to begin treating his injuries.

The boy was later transferred to a hospital.

Justin said the incident has traumatised the family, although his son, who is now being called “leopard boy”, was recovering well.

The manager of the game reserve said there has never been a similar attack in the 40 years the site has been open.