Lessons in Forgetting

Every year as ‘women?s day’ approaches, there is a sense of, what have we done this year, so far, that will change something for us, if not everything. Is there something in process? Something to look forward to? With all that we have been hearing that?s happening in society, I yearn to hear there is something that is going in the right direction.

I had this fortunate opportunity to meet the makers of this little Indie film called ?Lessons in Forgetting?, while they were in the final stages of their post production. It was based on a book by the famed writer, Anita Nair, with the same title, in fact she has adapted the screenplay for the film herself. Initially it was just a rush of knowing the film makers, when that rush wore down and I actually got to sit down and interact with the director and the producer, I realized their commitment to the story.

The story is about a father who is desperately looking for the truth behind his daughter?s brutal attack, which has left her in a comatose. He relentlessly follows delicate little clues to arrive at the truth. His young daughter, who comes down to India to find her roots; explores the society and discovers a lot that she tries to understand; on a visit to a remote village in Tamil Nadu she finds out a truth that she cannot ignore, she tries to raise her voice against it and do the right thing, but while trying to do that, falls prey to a brutality. It is a gripping and heart warming story of redemption, forgiveness and second chances.

Why the makers chose the story?

The story deals with ?Sex Selective Abortion?, ?Gender Inequality? and ‘Perception of a Young Generation’ that is moving ahead with times. It brings up the appalling practice of ?female foeticide? that still exists in our society and not so much hush hush, the surrounding community is always aware but don?t speak up, either out of fear itself or fear of being outcast. As we have seen in so many news items it happens across classes, upper, middle and lower.

Although Prince Thampi the producer and Unni Vijayan the director, are men, they wanted to show their support and solidarity, they felt strongly about the need to tell this story in order to bring people?s attention to this issue, and having daughters of their own they also wanted to participate in the process of making the society safer for girls.

This film has a lot of substance with a good production value. It is quietly doing the rounds of International and National Festival circuit and with an unbelievable response, having won quite a few awards on its way. But since this is an independent film, the general public is not as aware of its existence, like any other big or small commercial film, and word of mouth happens to be the best propagation.

The actors, lead by the incredible, Adil Hussain of ?Life of Pi? and ?English Vinglish? fame and the crew, driven by the unassuming yet resolute director, have given it their heart and soul. Music by Ganesh and Kumaresh, the renowned violinist duo, is soothing and plays a character of its own; the only song in the film is sung by M. D. Pallavi, another high point of the film.

I would request you to support this film by getting into its facebook page and watch the videos and discuss about it. The film is releasing in the month of April, so go and watch it and tell your friends about it.

Author: Rashmi Diana