Let MLA Dr Bharat Shetty come for Open Discussion on his Development work – Moideen Bava

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Let MLA Dr Bharat Shetty come for Open Discussion on his Development work, If I am wrong I will resign Publicly – Former MLA Moideen Bava

Mangaluru: “I am an aspirant from Mangaluru North Constituency. I have worked hard and brought Rs 2018 crores of funds for the development of my constituency. The North Constituency has 23 wards under MCC and 3 Zilla Panchayats. When Siddaramaiah was the Chief Minister, and I was the MLA, I convinced Siddaramaiah to make a 6-lane road from Suratkal Junction to Ganeshpur which has a temple. In 2017-18, the Siddaramaiah government released Rs 58 crore of the funds and we laid the foundation stone for the Six-lane road. In 2018, elections were announced and the work stopped. But after Dr Bharat Shetty become the MLA of the North Constituency, he did not continue the work. Now when the elections are nearing, he cancelled the previous 6-lane road project, limited the funds to Rs 18 crores and diverted the rest of the Rs 40 crore funds to other work in his constituency. Dr Bharat Shetty is fooling the people by putting up banners claiming that the road work has been completed in his tenure which is far from the truth. He came to power by telling lies. For the campaign, Bharat Shetty was taking slain Deepak Rao’s mother along with him and blaming me for the murder”, said Moideen Bava during a press meet held at the Congress Bhavan, Mallikatta here on February 1.

Addressing the media persons Moideen Bava said, “Dr Bharat Shetty did not do any development work for Mangaluru North Constituency. My dream is to finish all the pending work that I promised during my tenure. Whatever development works we had planned, Dr Bharat stopped them and that is his achievement in 5 years. I had convinced the people of Suratkal of constructing a market and convinced CM Siddaramaiah to allocate funds. We have executed the plan for the modern market for Rs 162 crores. In the beginning, Rs 61 crore funds were allocated of which Rs 14 crore work of the market is already done, but MLA Bharat prepared an additional estimate of Rs 21 crore for the same work which shows his failure. People of Suratkal should question his capabilities”.

Bava further said, “For the development of the Mogaveer community, the then fisheries minister Abhaychandra Jain taking a special interest, prepared a plan to construct a fishing Jetty in Kulai. But later BJP government came to power and Union Minister Nitin Gadkari laid the foundation stone for the same. But to date, the work has not started which is again injustice done to the Mogaveer community”.

Bava also said, “In Pachchanadi, the dumping yard is spread over 72 acres of land. The contract to remove the waste has already been given and 42 acres of land have so far been cleared, but Bharat Shetty is trying to buy 10 more acres of land through TDR which is not necessary. If MLA Bharat Shetty does injustice to the people of Pachchanadi, I will protest. During COVID, I have distributed ration kits without any discrimination of caste, creed and religion. Hindutvavadis did not go to the Cooker blast victim’s house but after I visited him, BJP leaders are awake. Dr Bharat Shetty won the elections illegally. Let Bharat come for an open discussion on any platform with his development work and if my claims are wrong I will resign from my political career”.

Ganesh Poojary, Neeraj Pal, Jaison and others were also present.

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