Life is Cool by the Pool

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Life is Cool by the Pool

As the summer is approaching, we need to beat the heat. A change of season calls for a change in routine, a revamped diet, and of course, a new exercise regimen that suits the weather. Why can’t we think about swimming or learning to swim this summer? Swimming is a great exercise for people of all ages and all health levels. As it is said by Alexander Pope, “The water is your friend…you don’t have to fight with water, just share the same spirit as the water, and it will help you move.” Now we will think about the benefits of swimming.

Pool is a place of Social Well Being & Social Gathering

Swimming is very much a social sport and social activity as well. For people of different ages, categories, statuses, professions, and religions come together and in the same pool. This contact improves the social attitude of the people. A study revealed exercising and socializing together leads to improved mental health.

Swimming helps to set Goals

The learner steps into the water with a goal or aim to swim in the days ahead. It helps him/her to become goal-oriented in their personal and professional life. Swimming gives kids and adults something to strive for. Whether it is kicking a kickboard across the pool, improving a lap time, or recovering from an injury with water rehabilitation, setting goals and achieving them is the key. The skills swimmers learn in the pool to realize and achieve such goals are skills that can and will be used out of the pool as well.

Pool makes you Active and Smart in life

All want to be smart and active in life. Studies show that swimming has all three elements of physical activity recommended to keep kids healthy with endurance, strength and flexibility. It improves memory function and thinking skills. Swimming is good not only for the classroom and work but is beneficial as we age. Regular exercise reduces inflammation and insulin resistance in the brain, which fosters new brain cell growth. Swimming also improves mood, anxiety, and stress, which increases the brain’s ability to think more efficiently.

Better Team-Building Skills

The lives of the children in the pool show that swimming classes have better team-building skills. They learn to work together, encourage each other, communicate and become leaders. All of these skills will help them to be effective leaders and administrators in future. Team-building skills encourage collaboration, goal orientation, inspiration, strategy development, and coordination which result in successful careers and professional relationships.

Swimming Burns More Calories than Jogging

A recent study shows the fact that swimming burns more calories than jogging. How? When we compare swimming to running, we can burn more calories swimming laps around the pool than running laps for an hour. One hour of vigorous lap swimming can burn as much as 715 calories. The same amount of time running at 5 mph burns only 606 calories.

I would like to conclude by quoting the lines of a song which shows the importance of swimming in life.

“Swimming, swimming, in the swimming pool.
When days are hot, when days are cool,
In the swimming pool.
Breaststroke, sidestroke,
Fancy diving too.”

-Song by Mother Goose Club
(Mother Goose Club (MGC) is an educational nursery school program that streams on its eponymous YouTube channel and is produced by Sockeye Media LLC.)

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Roney Sebastian the author is perusing B.Ed in St. Aloysius Institute of Education.

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