Live in-play betting VS pre-match – what makes bettors rich

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Live in-play betting VS pre-match – what makes bettors rich

If you’ve missed placing a bet before a sporting event has started, this doesn’t necessarily mean you’ve missed out anymore. These days, online sports betting services like RajBet allow punters to place wagers on certain sports events after they have begun.

With this added option, you may be wondering if it is better to bet pre-match or wait till the game has begun? In this article, we take a look at this question.

What is live in-play betting?

Put simply, in-play betting is the chance to place bets while the game is in action. The ref has blown the starter whistle (or whatever the case may be), and the event is currently underway. Some in-game betting options include:

  • Next goal – which team will put the next points on the board.
  • Both teams to score.
  • Total points – the total number of points scored in the game.

There are a number of reasons why someone would want to live bet at platforms like 24betting, Betway and others. For one, some punters may be able to gauge the flow of a game in an attempt to guess what might happen next.

Live betting can also be a potential way of hedging your bets in an attempt to mitigate losses. For fans, live betting can simply be an exciting way to bet on their favourite teams and sports while the game is unfolding before their eyes.

Pre-match Betting

Some gamblers prefer betting before the game has begun because it gives them time to do an in-depth analysis of the teams and participants. Since punters are not in the heat of the moment when pre-match betting, there may be less chance of becoming emotionally charged and making bad bets.

Instead, there is plenty of time to look at things like stats and recent results and devise a strategy accordingly. Betting pregame also gives punters space to search for what they consider good value bets. Naturally, things can happen once the game has begun to destroy strategies and negate research, but many people still prefer to gamble this way.

Money management is another thing that can work well with a well-defined pre-match betting strategy. This method might not be as exciting as live betting, perhaps, but many gamblers may prefer betting before the event as it is a better suit for their style.

So which one to choose – pre- or post-match betting?

Since both methods of betting have a variety of pros and cons, it might be hard to pick one over the other. The positive thing about them is that both ways of betting can produce positive results for players who make the right picks. In that case, choosing to bet before a game has started, when it’s in action, or both really comes down to punter preference.

Some prefer having the time to conduct a full-blown analysis; others like to ‘feel’ the way a game is going live and bet accordingly. Either way can reward winners, and both need to be approached responsibly without betting more than you are willing to lose.

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