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Locals Perform Rituals for Dead Cobra killed in Accident

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Locals Perform Rituals for Dead Cobra killed in Accident at Bikkarnakatte

Hindu scriptures say Nagas, who are a class of demigods or semi-divine beings, protect the treasure hidden in the earth and have the ability to assume human form. Nagas are good but they become destructive if disrespected. Hindus believe that certain types of curses arising from aggrieved snake deities can result in sickness, loss of progeny, death, childlessness or misfortune, for which one has to perform purifying and expiatory rites.

Mangaluru: Hindus consider the killing of a snake inauspicious. Killing or even watching a person kill a snake is considered a bad omen. It is believed that if a person sees a snake being killed, then misfortune will follow him/her, because the snake is associated with Lord Vishnu and Shiva.


On November 13, a cobra was run over by a two-wheeler at Bikkarnakatte. Another bike rider who was passing on the same road noticed the cobra which was fighting between life and death. The rider with the help of locals shifted the cobra to the side of the road. After some time, the cobra died.

According to Hindu belief, if the snake dies, rituals have to be performed to avoid misfortune. The rider requested one of the auto drivers present there to perform the rituals. The driver put a white cloth on the side of the road and placed the dead cobra on it. People passing by contributed their mite for the ritual.

Speaking to Mangalorean.com, driver Suresh who took the responsibility to carry out the rituals said, “The cobra came under a two-wheeler and another rider who noticed the cobra being crushed, stopped his bike and shifted it to the side of the road. I thought that the cobra would survive, but it died. The bike rider requested me to perform the necessary rituals for the dead cobra and left. When we see a dead cobra, it is our belief that we contribute our mite for the rituals of the dead cobra to avoid misfortune. When the bike rider gave me the responsibility, I happily agreed. I am now collecting money for the rituals. I have already informed the religious head of Kudupu Temple and we are waiting for him to arrive. As soon as he reaches the spot, he will perform the rituals,” said Suresh.

Suresh further said, “The rituals will be performed in the Kudupu Temple. The collected amount will be handed over to the temple priests to perform the rituals.” Many passersby stopped at the spot and donated contributions for the rituals.

Even though Mangaluru is said to be a city of intellectuals, when a person meets with an accident, people hesitate to help. But when a cobra is involved in an accident, we do not waste any time to take care of it due to the fear that it will bring us misfortune. This shows our concern towards human life. We live in a world where innovation does not wait for technology. And even though the world is at our fingertips, we have still a long way to go…

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