MACC Holds Everest Climb Challenge Award Ceremony at Tannirbavi

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MACC Holds Everest Climb Challenge Award Ceremony at Tannirbavi

Mangaluru: The Mangalore Cycling Club held an award ceremony of the “Everest Climb Challenge”, at Tannirbavi beach here on January 3.

The Everest Climb Challenge award ride started from Lalbagh and culminated at the Tannirbavi beach.

Everest Challenge, the most popular cycling challenge of Mangalore Cycling Club, was held from December 1, 2020, to December 31, 2020. This challenge is all about the participating cyclists achieving an elevation of 8848 meters during the month of December 2020. The elevation of 8848 meters is equivalent to the overall elevation of Mount Everest. This is a very popular cycling challenge followed across the world, and Mangalore Cycling Club (MACC) is honoured to consistently give this opportunity to its Club members for the last 4 years. This year was special as more than 50 cyclists participated in the challenge.

The participation was across all age categories, including women. Out of the participating cyclists, 13 finished full Everest at 8848 meters and 6 of them completed half Everest at 4424 meters. In this, 3 cyclists completed the double Everest, which means they clocked an overall elevation of more than 17696 meters.

On January 3, MACC held the Medal and Certificate presentation ceremony at the Tannirbavi beach. To motivate more cyclists, the Club also considered participants who had finished the half Everest. The ceremony was presided by Anil Shet.

The medals and certificates were handed to the participants by Dheeraj Hejamadi and Sarina Bhandary. To motivate cyclists to participate in such challenges regularly, Vinay Rayker briefed on the benefits of the Everest Challenge. Moderator Godfrey Pinto tracked all participants and encouraged them to achieve this important milestone.

Here are some statistics of the Club members who finished the Everest Challenge on a very high note:

Double Everest – elevation of more than 17696 meters
• Dhanraj Karkera
• Vinaya Bhatt
• Anil Shet

Everest – elevation of 8848 meters
• Rilson Saldanha
• Joseph Pereira
• Chirag
• Dr Gururaj Krishnamurthy
• Nithin Ullal
• Srinidhi Urala
• Navin Kotian
• Vinay Rayker
• Ramesh Babu
• Dheeraj Hejamadi

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