Mad Rush on 11th Day of Lockdown! New Timing 6 am-9 am to Buy Essentials Saw More Chaos

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Mad Rush on 11th Day of Lockdown! New Timing 6 am-9 am to Buy Essentials Saw More Chaos

  • Mad Rush on 11th Day of Lockdown! New Timing 6 am-9 am to Buy Essentials Saw More Chaos with people flocking Grocery-Meat-Vegetable-Milk etc shops in order to stock up for the weekend since starting 9 pm on Friday until 6 am on Monday it will be a TOTAL LOCKDOWN. This new timing for shopping has not benefited anything other than creating more chaos and chances of spreading the virus, since hardly anyone was following the Covid-19 guidelines.

Mangaluru: First it was 6 am till 10 am; then the second time, the timing was extended until 12 noon; and now the timing to buy your essentials have again changed to 6 am till 9 am. Are our officials hooked on stupidity or what? With officials announcing a total lockdown from Friday 9 pm until Monday 6 am, and changing the shopping timing one hour less from 6 am-10 am to 6 am to 9 am, has resulted in Mad Rush, with people storming the shops to buy their essentials for the weekend. With the spike in Covid cases, Dakshina Kannada District Administration issued new guidelines restricting people’s movement to buy essential commodities to only three hours (6 am-9 am) on Friday and imposing complete lockdown on Saturday and Sunday. This led to a large number of people flocking to buy the essential commodities on Friday morning. Even liquor stores saw a huge queue to buy their favourite brand of essential?


As the clock struck 9 am Friday morning, shop owners pulled down their shutters, while the cops got into action at various checkpoints in the City to crack down on those violating the Covid-19 guidelines. Even the Police commissioner N Shashi Kumar along with DCPs Hariram Shankar and Vinay Gaonkar was seen at the police check post near the Clock Tower, taking to task motorists who were on a joyride. A bunch of vehicles were seized, and quite a few people got slapped with a Rs 250 fine for not wearing face masks.

RTI and Social activist Gerard Towers speaking to Team Mangalorean said, “The sudden MENTAL DECISION of Mangaluru Administration will be DIRECTLY RESPONSIBLE for COVID SPREAD because of CHANGE in the time allotted for BAZAAR from today. Without SUFFICIENT NOTICE the stupid decision is taken and this has created CHAOS among people. The citizens who were spreading out for 6 to 12 hours to get needs, now have been made to RUSH within 2-3 hours to buy HOUSEHOLD ITEMS and this has made the PEOPLE fall on each other at MARKETS, SHOPS, where there is NO SOCIAL DISTANCING and no following of COVID NORMS due to the bad and unplanned arrangements. For this, I BLAME the CITY ADMINISTRATION for all the CONSEQUENCES which are directly to be BLAMED on them and no one else. If at all there is an INCREASE of POSITIVE CASES in MANGALURU in the coming days, it’s the MCC ADMINISTRATION to be BLAMED for such FOOLISH DECISION made in a HURRY. Seems like a Shameless and GOVERNANCE”.


Well said by Gerard Towers, which probably most of our readers will agree upon. For the FIRST time, the DK district’s number of containment zones crossed the 50 mark. With the surge in Covid-19 cases continuing in the second wave, the number of containment zones in the district has reached 54. Officials of the Health Department attribute various religious and other mega functions, including MP Nalin Kumar Kateel’s Nemotsava in his hometown packed with thousands of people with no masks or social distancing, held in the district, in the past few weeks, to the spike in cases. Returning back from this Nemotsava, district minister-in-charge Kota Srinivas Poojary got infected with Covid-19 positive. Why is MP Kateel, Minister Kota and other netas very quiet now? Probably, guilty of their fault.

The number of active cases increased from 6486 on 30 April to 10246 on 6 May, with the district reporting 16,687 cases in one week. However, it is learnt that the health department has created 78 teams led by medical officers, to monitor those who are in home isolation in the district. On Thursday, DK reported 1191 fresh cases, with five deaths, increasing the district’s death toll to 773. Due to this, the district administration issued new lockdown guidelines starting Friday 7 May morning- shops can be open only from 6 am-9 am to buy essentials, and after that, any vehicles on street will be seized, and no excuses will be accepted by the police on duty at checkpoints. And this morning between 6 am and 9 am, a huge rush was seen at the grocery, vegetable, meat/fish stalls etc- yet another reason for coronavirus cases to rise.

Even to buy medicines you need to walk to a nearby medical shop, since there are quite a few shops in the neighbourhood, as per the observance of the officials. There is, however, no bar on the movement of doctors, ambulances, patients and media persons. Minister Kota Srinivas Poojary during a meeting last evening said that the officials should strictly enforce the lockdown rules implemented by the state government to contain the spread of Covid-19 in the district. As per the order, people will be allowed to purchase essential commodities from 6 am to 9 am, rather than till 10 am, and people should reach home by 10 am. People will be allowed to purchase medical supplies from the nearest pharmacies”.

“Vehicles of those who move around unnecessarily will be seized. The police department will initiate tougher measures to prevent needless roaming on the streets. There will be no provision for events like marriage, housewarming and birthdays. The government has ordered restrictions on programmes scheduled from May 15. Though the government has enforced curfew eight days ago, the Covid-19 cases continue to rise in the district. This is because the public is not adhering to the Covid-19 guidelines and are wandering in public places. People should come out to buy essential commodities only when it is necessary. Else, they should remain in their homes. We have decided to implement a curfew on weekends on Saturday and Sunday” added Poojary

“On Saturday and Sunday groceries shops will not be allowed to open. Only Horticultural Producers’ Cooperative Marketing and Processing Society (HOPCOMS), milk shops, vegetable shops, and pushcart vendors selling fruits and vegetables will be allowed. Those who are going to avail of medical treatment and vaccines are allowed to travel to the respective centres. The programmes scheduled, including weddings, should be allowed till May 15. Provision should not be given to organizing new programmes. The government has implemented rules for the betterment of the public. People should cooperate in implementing lockdown effectively. The online deliveries should be done by 10 pm and the delivery personnel should reach their homes by 11 pm”, had said the minister.

DC Dr KV Rajendra Kumar had said, “To stop people from unnecessarily roaming, set up check posts and question those who are needlessly roaming. Sector magistrates will be appointed to implement the lockdown effectively in the district. These sector magistrates should look to avoid violation of lockdown rules in their respective jurisdictions. There will be no Covid-19 vaccination camp for the next two days. As vaccines are short in supply following the conducting of vaccination camps, there is no availability of vaccines in urban primary health centres, primary health centres, community health centres, and taluk health centres. Vaccination drive will be continued once the vaccines are available”.

And the reason for the rise in Covid-19 cases is that people are still ignorant by not wearing face masks and not following social distance. Look at the grocery store, fish and meat markets, liquor shops and other shops, people are falling on each other to buy their products, and this (Friday) morning was much worse since the timings were changed from 6 am-9 am, one hour less for shopping. With many violating the Covid guidelines, police are much stricter with people at the check posts slapping fines and seizing vehicles against those not adhering to the government’s repeated calls urging them to wear masks in public places in the wake of the sudden spurt in viral infection. In addition to booking cases, the police will collect hefty fines from the violators. Police sources say that special drives will be conducted by teams of police personnel attached to the law and order and traffic wings by taking positions at vantage spots daily in each police station limits. STAY HOME and DON’T GET IN TROUBLE WITH THE COPS DURING THE WEEKEND!

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