Mainland China (Mangalore)-Serving Authentic Chinese Cuisine from Major Provinces of China

Compiled by Alfie D’Souza, Team Mangalorean
China is a land of diverse culture. It’s a land shrouded in mystical trance. It’s a land of sensitivity and of spiritualism. And all of these reflect in the diverse and exotic cuisine that the land offers. India is no stranger to Chinese cuisine. The mushrooming of Chinese eateries all across bears testimony to the tremendous popularity that the Far Eastern cuisine enjoys in this part of the world. In this process, however, something was lost. Lost was the actual essence of Chinese cuisine. Lost was the authenticity of the food from the mystic land. What were offered in the innumerable restaurants were cheap Indianized versions of the great cuisine with a blatant disregard for the authenticity.
This kindled a desire. A desire to restore the splendor of Chinese Cuisine. A desire to present Chinese food the way it should be. A desire to offer the most authentic of Chinese Cuisine. A desire to offer five star value at non-five star prices. And it was this desire that led to the opening of the first Mainland China outlet in Mumbai in the year 1995. The philosophy was to propagate the wonders of various cuisines from all major provinces of China. Be it Hubei or Yunan, Cantonese or Schezwan, the idea was to have a comprehensive representation.

And it didn’t take much time for people to realize the difference. The difference in what they were used to and what the restaurant offered. The distinctive difference in taste of Indianized Chinese as against authentic Chinese. And people came to swear by it. The restaurant was able to garner tremendous respect among the discerning Mumbaikars within a short span of time. Following this success, Mainland China soon entered the cities of Bangalore, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Pune, Chennai, Delhi, Gurgaon, Guwahati, Nasik, Ahmedabad, Baroda, Goa, Chandigarh, Mangalore, and many other major cities in India. Wherever Mainland China opens, it receives a standing ovation. Over the years, people have come and recognized the quality of food and services that the name Mainland China represents.
The principle of Mainland China cuisine is “harmony in contrast” which stems from the principle of Yin and the Yang. This reflects by way of combining contrasting flavours such as sweet with bitter, sour with sweet, sweet and spicy and so on. The same goes for the combination of colours and textures of the ingredients. The challenge is in creating the “harmony” in each of these dishes on the menu. Compromise is never made in maintaining authenticity of the cuisine. Their Master Chef from China chooses the delicacies from his vast repertoire that are more suited to the Indian palate but never “adapts”.
The most popular dishes and Chef’s favourite are : DRUNKEN CHICKEN IN SHAOXIANG WINE – You can enjoy the subtle taste of the dish with a helping of steam rice; BARBECUED CHICKEN WITH MANTAO BUNSE -Small diced chicken breast marinated and saut?ed in barbecue sauce and served with steamed bread. A delicacy of Northern China ; SLICED LAMB WITH CUMIN AND ONION – A local Muslim delicacy where tender lamb pieces are pan roasted and tossed with roasted cumin seeds crushed chili flakes and leek finished with Shaoshing wine; CRISPY VEGETABLES BEIJING STYLE -Seasonal vegetables crisp fried and tossed in a Chef’s special sauce; STEAMED SEA BASS WITH SOYA AND GINGER -Sea bass marinated with a fragrant mix of soya sauce, shredded ginger, spring onions, chillies and wine and steamed; SIZZLING EGGPLANT WITH SPICY TOMATO GARLIC SAUCE -Cubes of eggplant tossed in tangy tomato sauce; FISH WITH CHINESE PARSLEY SAUCE -Sliced fish marinated and deep fried; served with fresh and lemony parsley sauce.
This high esteem that people have for Mainland China was achieved through a consistent eye for detail. Whether it is the import of ingredients from China or the training of personnel, whether it is the artifacts for the d?cor or the master Chef’s culinary trips to China, no stone is left unturned to upheld authenticity. And thus, in this quest for excellence the recognitions have been coming their way since 1999; the last one being “Telegraph Food Guide Award 2012” (Mainland China Kolkata – Excellence for Oriental Restaurant). Other Awards received by Mainland China are :
2011-Safari India award to Mainland China, Delhi; 2011 -Times Food Award to Mainland China, Chandigarh; 2011-Times Food Award for Best Chinese restaurant to Mainland China, Pune; 2011-Times food award for Best Chinese restaurant to Mainland China, Chennai; 2010-Burrp! Award for Top Rated Chinese Restaurant to Mainland China, Pune; 2010-Times Food Award for Best Chinese Restaurant to Mainland China, Pune; 2010-Times food award for Best Chinese restaurant to Mainland China, Chennai; 2009-Times Good Food Award for the Best Chinese Restaurant 2009 Mainland China , Chennai; 2008-Mainland China won ?The Golden Spoon Award, 2008? for being ?The Most Admired F&B Retailer of the Year­ Dine in Restaurant of Indian Origin; 2006-Mainland China, Pune won the Times Good Food Award for best Chinese Restaurant; 2003-Mainland China, Kolkata won the coveted The Telegraph Good Food Award; 2002-Mainland China, Hyderabad won the coveted H & FS award for Best Oriental Restaurant; 1999-Mainland China, Bangalore won the coveted H & FS award for Best Oriental Restaurant.

Today, Mainland China is the largest chain of fine dining eateries in the country. And it enjoys an Equity that is enjoyed by no other stand-alone restaurant chain. Mainland China, Mangalore franchise is managed by Mangalorean Mr Kumar Alva . Mainland China, Mangalore is the intrusion of the city street – it is a cozy restaurant with romantic lighting, a distinguished bar and pleasant atmosphere. The interior is beautiful, with comfortable seating arrangements. With impeccable service and kind hospitality shown by the staff is commendable. The 45 crew members of the restaurant under the leadership of Manager Mr Mukerjee are doing a great job in taking care of their customer very systematically and very professionally. Come to Mainland China (Mangalore) and feel the difference.
Apart from the wide selection of items on the Ala Carte menu, Mainland China (Mangalore) also has lunch buffet throughout the week -weekdays lunch buffet is Rs 345+tax, and weekend lunch buffet is Rs 395+tax.
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