Maldives-Sun, Sand and Blue Green Waters

By Commander (retd) Giridhara Mallya, General Manager Samsung Heavy Industries, Geoje Shipyard, South Korea

Maldives is known more as some islands existing somewhere in the Indian Ocean known more in India once in a while for the frequents coups and change of Government. A small island country far far away from our conscience and hence hardly any promotion of the islands in India. However a 3 day visit and stay in the country changed all that.

The entrance

Geographically speaking, the country is made of numerous small islands in the beautiful blue green Indian Ocean a couple of hours flight from Kochi/Trivandrum. Tropical islands bestowed with nature?s beauty in the way of clean , white sands and a population which is quite welcoming of tourists. Tourists from all over the world land there for the Sun and Sand and for water sports which are plenty in the resorts. Even Taj group has Taj Exotica located in an island mere 30 minutes boat ride away. We however, chose to stay to stay in Velassary Maldives which is also quite close to Taj.

Breathtaking view

Overwater restaurant

More overwater villas

Velassaru is a five star luxury resort about 40 minutes boat ride from the Male International airport. Funny thing is the jetty is right next to the airport terminal and you just walk into the waiting boat. There is no prior visa required for entry into Maldives for Indian travelers and immigration is a breeze. The resorts are pretty expensive since they are located far out at sea?some reachable only by seaplane and even transportation pinches the pocket. However, once you are into the resort all your worries recede into the back ground. It is so clean and so white and so quiet except the mild breeze and the swaying palms.


The overwater villas

Blue Green seas

The jetty

Whole of Velassaru could be traversed in half an hour?but every minute there is something different to be seen?the moods of the sea?the play of sun with the clouds?the afternoon rains and the changing color of seas ..all make it a heady experience. Of course the resort is equipped with all creature comforts including several restaurants, an infinity pool, tennis courts, library, wifi , water sports like scuba diving etc. There are plenty of ways to spend time including swimming in the quiet waters. The less adventurous could be seen lounging around or quietly reading their books on hammocks or beachside couches.

Blue is the world

The Infinity Pool

Over water Sushi Restaurant

Blue is the world

The island has plenty of greenery including tropical trees like coconut, mango etc. and is maintained clean. There are half a dozen Cranes resident in the island and one can approach them close . Only access is the resort speed boat. If weather is bad even the boats don?t ply and you are cutoff. Maldivian islands are threatened with total submergence due to the global warming resulting in rising sea levels. Those thoughts were faraway from our minds when we had a fabulous 3 night stay in this tropical paradise. What better to celebrate our 25th anniversary in this heaven on earth? Only the pictures attached can describe the fantastic experience.


About the author:

Cdr Mallya is a native of Kinnigoli and alumni of Pompeii Junior College, Aikala, NIE Mysore and Pune Univ. He served in the Indian Navy for 22 years before retiring as Commander in 2007. He moved to Korea and joined Samsung where he is still working. His wife Geeta stays with him in Korea and his son is working. He is a regular contributor to He can be reached at .

Author: Commander Giridhara P. Mallya (Retd.)