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Mangalore Event Unveils Strategies for Effective Diocesan Communication

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Unlocking Communication Excellence: Empowering Dioceses through Basic Kick Start Training in Social Communications

Mangaluru: In a collaborative effort, the Sandesha Foundation for Culture and Education, The Karnataka Regional Office of Social Communications (KRCBC), and the CCBI Media Apostolate orchestrated the Basic Kick Start Training in Social Communications. This transformative event, themed “Unlocking Communication Excellence: Empowering Dioceses,” drew a diverse group of participants, including representatives from various dioceses across the Karnataka region.

Day 1 Highlights: Keynote Speakers and Sessions

Understanding the Significance of Communication for the Church & Church Bodies and Pastoral Social Communication Planning: Bishop Henry Dsouza Most Rev. Bishop Henry D’Souza underscored the blessing and responsibility of communication for the Church. He highlighted the crucial role of communication tools in advancing the Church’s mission and evangelization. Bishop D’Souza emphasized the necessity of well-organized communication structures and acquainted participants with the commission’s framework and key individuals at different levels.

Clarifying Roles & Responsibilities of the OSC/Media Department and Defining the Roles & Responsibilities of the Secretary/Joint Secretary of OSC/Secretary, Diocesan Commission: Dr. Sudeep Paul, MSFS Dr. Sudeep Paul delved into the importance of well-defined roles and responsibilities in achieving organizational objectives, focusing on the Office for Social Communications. His insights aimed at aligning communication plans with diocesan, regional, and national pastoral plans.

Exploring Institutional Communications Strategies: Dr. Cyril Victor
Dr Cyril Victor shed light on institutional communication as a distinct field from social and pastoral communication. Participants gained insights into how organizations, both non-profit and religious, adapt their communication methods to the evolving complexities of contemporary media.

Enhancing Diocesan Identity through News Gathering and Reporting – Dr. Juby Thomas
Dr Juby Thomas highlighted the pivotal role of news gathering and reporting in shaping public opinion and establishing the distinct identity of dioceses. The session explored challenges faced in generating news stories, combating misinformation, and utilizing social media platforms effectively.

Navigating the Digital Realm: Does a Diocese need a website? Conducting an in-depth Analysis and Evaluation of the Diocesan Website: Mr Jacob Jose, Integro, Founder and CEO

Mr Jose provided valuable insights into the significance of diocesan websites and strategies to maximize their potential. The session included an analysis of various diocesan websites, fostering an engaging group discussion to cultivate innovative ideas for improvement.

The event witnessed the active participation of 48 individuals from dioceses across the Karnataka region. Bishop Henry inaugurated the event, marking the beginning of a comprehensive exploration of communication excellence. The Basic Kick Start Training was a resounding success, fostering collaboration and empowering dioceses to navigate the challenges of the contemporary media landscape effectively. It laid the foundation for enhanced communication within the Church and a renewed commitment to spreading the timeless message of Christ.

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