Mangaloren Boy Makes it to Google Art

Pics: Violet Pereira, Team Mangalorean

Art and culture have been inseparable part of Mangalorean culture, though of late many are deviating towards glamorous jobs.

If you ask youngsters in today?s world about their ambition in life, one may want to become an IT expert, Engineer, Doctor, Dentist or simply do MBA after a Commerce or Arts degree and get a better placement.

One boy studying in St Aloysius High School differs. As of now, he has no ambition in life but he has developed unparalleled passion towards art. He has a store house of drawings and water colour paintings to his credit.

Our team head Violet Pereira recognized him and asked me to expose him to the world. We worked together today and came out with a story untold by any Mangalorean Media so far.

What makes him exclusive here is, when he exposed his art in Google when they invited youngsters to design a logo (Doodle) for their website, rather with a theme to match their standards.

Akshay Raj, a student of Ninth standard at St. Aloysius High School, Mangalore has achieved better standards than many within India or the world over.


















He is one among fifteen in his age group to qualify for Google Doodles. The theme was basically intended to highlight ?India in Future?. His art was accepted as one of the best among the 15 worldwide. 

This is a proud moment for us Mangaloreans, when our own Mangalorean boy has the esteem to reach such high level.

Akshay was moulded under the able guidance of his art teacher Shameer Ali of BGM School of ART, Kadri Temple Road, Mangalore. Akshay’s abilities were further recognised by none other than John Chandran. John Chandran is drawing teacher at St Aloysius High School and is also an artist of repute and a cartoonist well recognised by Mangaloreans. His cartoons are still adorning the weekly supplement in Udayavani.

John says that there were four students who competed under that category, all with good work but Akshay was the lucky one. He also opines that Akshay is good at drawing and painting. Akshay has won many prizes and Certificates for his work over the years.

John also remembers that his son Sarwin Deon in primary school 3rd standard was qualified last year for the contest, but he lost it due to voting factor. John has been motivating his students to gain top standards in such competitions ever since.

Akshay was born to Rajesh Kumar who owns an Electronic Shop at Marnamikatte and Mamatha Rajesh who is working for Sri AVA Trust, an Ayurvedic Pharmacy back in 1996. Parents say that from childhood, he was different than other kids. He is silent, obedient and always looking at nature much differently than other kids, not demanding any material things any time, says his mother. He developed art from his KG Class level and has been serious about it.

Parents promoted him in expressing his creativity and thus, we have a hero among us, whom we could proudly call as Mangalorean with distinction.

His younger brother Advith Raj studying in second standard is also good at art and his passion is drawing cars and buses to perfection.

Rev Fr Melwyn J Pinto, Headmaster of St Aloysius High School says, St Aloysius School has groomed many students over the years with qualitative education but many of them have taken to non-profit activities like art, which is a rare phenomenon among the present day youth. He adds that many Aloysians have excelled in art and culture and have been successful the world over in exhibiting their expressions. He added, ?Akshay is a chip off the block and at St Aloysius Institutions, we always promote Art more than anything. Art refines pupil and moulds better humans.?

A display of Akshay?s art certainly speaks volumes about his abilities, and his achievement to reach Global levels in Google may inspire youngsters from Mangalorean neighborhood.

Akshay?s hobbies are painting, readink books and sports like Volley Ball.

All Mangaloreans the world over are requested to promote Akshay by clicking on the button to make him a winner.

Here is a link to his art that may win him as finalist. Those who want to support him may click on that button and make one more Mangalorean a winner ?

Mr Rob from Google Group will be present to select the winner at Mumbai on November 13th. Voting ends much before that to choose the winner, on November 5th. Hurry up and promote ?Namma Oorda Mage?.

This is the least we at could do, spending our time sweating out on a hot sunny day, folks. If you feel that we are on the right path promoting art and culture if not youngsters, kindly vote for Akshay

Author: Rajanikanth Shenoy- Kudpi