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Mangalureans Welcome New Year 2018 with Prayers and Revelry

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Mangalureans Welcome New Year 2018 with Prayers and Revelry

Mangaluru: The City welcomed the New Year on Sunday with prayers and revelry as people thronged Churches and Hotels and wished each other at midnight.

The New Year is to enjoy the last day of the current year and welcome the new year. The Bajrang Dal and VHP had warned not to celebrate the new year and had submitted a memorandum to the Police Commissioner T R Suresh condemning Music parties and Drinks in hotels and pubs on the night of December 31 saying that on December 31 night in the name of New Year Parties, hotels and pubs were holding DJ parties with dance and drinks which they were against. According to them, DJ Parties and drinks in hotels and pubs tempt girls to take part in parties. To avoid such a situation, they requested the Police Commissioner not give permission to hold DJ parties in Pubs or Hotels and close such places by 11:00 pm on December 31.

But police commissioner T R Suresh has allowed parties to be held until 12 midnight. Tight security was in place to avoid any untoward incidents from taking place and the Police commissioner has assured of providing safety to organizers holding New Year parties. At the same time, he has also warned of taking strict action against anyone trying to take the law into their hands.

New year Parties were held in various places to celebrate the beginning of the New Year.

At sharp 12 midnight the organizers stopped the music and switched off the lights at Hotel Gold Finch in the city, lights were switched on along with bursting firecrackers after a few seconds welcoming the new year 2018.

Police kept a strict vigil on the traffic violators with a temporary check post at Balmatta. More than 5 drink and drive cases and 15 cases of riding two-wheelers without a helmet were filed. DCP Crime and Traffic Uma Prashant personally monitored the situation.

Comparing to the new year celebrations last year, this year was dull with celebrations only at a few places.

In Mysuru

by Athmika Ramachandra

As the finale of the ongoing winter festival, the Mysuru Palace was lit from the 12.00 am to 12.30 am. With brilliant fireworks, the Royal Palace and the city of Mysore welcomed 2018.

This was the first time that the Palace was lit up for the New Year. The city has seen a drastic increase in the number of tourists to the city thanks to the winter festival. The successful show of this year is expected to be repeated for the years to come.



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  1. Yes, the New Year comes and goes with lots of celebrations, parties, get-togethers and many other ways of jubilations. But the people of India have great faith in the prayers. People pray for timely rains, people pray for safety and security, and most importantly, people pray for Peace and Happiness throughout the New Year. People of India are concerned about the growing populations, people are concerned about the growing inflations, and the people are also concerned about growing shortages in so many ways due to growing demands and less supplies that result in ever increasing frustrations on so many daily uncertainties of life.
    Having recently returned from an eight week trip to India, we distinctly witnessed the ever-increasing traffic on our roads adding more pollution and congestion. Our hospitals are full, our restaurants are full, and also our churches, temples and mosques are full. Even our schools and colleges are full.
    All of the above circumstances obviously lead people more towards God seeking the basic comforts in our daily life. All of the above are not normally noticed in most of the other countries of the world. Prayer is therefore essential in our daily life of struggles in India. May God help us to begin our New Year with lots of good hopes and good blessings.

  2. Awww…the fire crackers are so beautiful during new year celebrations. These are special ‘secular’ fire crackers who will never contribute to pollution, disturb elderly people or patients at hospitals. Only those backward, hindu firecrackers used during Deepavali celebration should be banned. Great going.

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