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Mangaluru: Activist Vidya Dinker files Case on Bajrang Dal for Forcibly Stopping Screening of ‘Dilwale’

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Mangaluru: Social activist Vidya Dinker – a coordinator for Citizen’s Forum for Mangaluru Development has filed a case in Pandeshwar police station-Mangaluru against Bajrang Dal and other saffron group activists for forcibly stopping the screening of Shah Rukh Khan Hindi movie ‘Dilwale’ , while it was showing in various theatres in the city on 20 December. In the complaint, Sharan Pumpwell-the Bajrang Dal state convener has also been named in the case. As reported earlier, on 20 December members of Bajrang Dal and other saffron outfits raided various theatres in the city and forcibly stopped the screening Bollywood movie ‘Dilwale’ directed by Rohit Shetty. The raids were in protest against Shah Rukh Khan for his statement on ‘intolerance’ .

A memorandum was submitted to the commissioner of police S Murugan on Monday, December 21 by Dinker. The following are the contents of the memorandum :


Sri S. Murugan, IPS
Commissioner of Police
Mangalore Police Commissionerate

Dear Sir:
Sub: Increasing incidences of ‘Immoral Policing’ – concerted action sought.

We are deeply distressed to learn from various authenticated media reports, victim statements and eye witness accounts that antisocial elements have been forcibly preventing the exhibition of ‘Dilwale’, a Hindi film starring Shah Rukh Khan at various film theatres in Mangalore city. It is reported that rowdies belonging to Bajrang Dal attacked the three multiplexes in the city, namely PVR, Cinepolis and Big Cinemas, which had scheduled screenings of the film and tickets had also been sold for the same. It is reported that on Sunday 20th Dec. 2015, the gangs shouted abusively at the cinema outlets, trespassed into the premises and tore up posters of the film.

Cine-goers were visibly distressed by the incident and the multiplex managements panicked and cancelled the subsequent shows. As of now, the movie’s screenings continue to be cancelled at the multiplexes and have not been revived by the managements due to security concerns. When one of the individual theatre owners sought police protection, he was allegedly told by police officials to run the show at his own risk. It is reported in the media that Bajrang Dal leader Sharan Pumpwell has openly accepted responsibility for the attack. He even attributed their motive as being to enforce boycott of Shah Rukh Khan’s films in retaliation against certain comments made by him regarding the issue of intolerance.

We hereby wish to express our outrage over these affronts on our civil rights. Such incidences of immoral policing have been going on rampantly for the last few years. Citizens are being told what to do and what not to do by these goons and their anti-social outfits. These rowdies are holding civil society to ransom and citizens’ rights are being compromised. The police department has regrettably failed in reigning in these anti social elements. Even in this case, our enquiries with eye witnesses at the affected multiplexes have revealed that police contingent played the role of a silent bystander and made no attempt to intervene when Bajrang Dal goons tore up the movie posters right under their noses.

We wish to place on record our strong protest against anti democratic and illegal attacks on civil society and citizens rights by various self styled extremist and religious fundamentalist outfits who are virtually ruling the city with intimidation and criminal tactics. This trend of unofficial censorship and moral policing is shameful, unfortunate and amounts to virtual murder of democracy.

We also express our dismay on the futile role played by police during such incidences. It is always observed that the criminal elements have their way and police intervention is either non-existent, too late, too weak or totally ineffective. A parallel government is being established by these criminal syndicates and citizens are losing confidence in the police and official machinery.

We urge you to take immediate remedial action and restore public confidence. Specifically we appeal for immediate relief as follows:

-Providing security to all cinemas exhibiting “Dilwale’ Hindi Film.

-Initiate enquiry and come out with an official statement on the issue and assure the public that it is safe to visit the cinemas.

-Take action against the guilty parties including their arrest and prosecution as applicable

-Take film exhibitors into confidence and ensure such incidents are not repeated. Assure them protection for immediate revival of screening of “Dilwale’.

We trust that you will respond positively to this appeal.
Thanking you
With Warm Regards,

Vidya Dinker
Citizens Forum for Mangalore Development

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  1. Very good. I fully support taking legal actions against these groups to teach them a lesson on democracy and limitations on peaceful protests. Nobody has the right to cause any property damage in the process of protest!!!

    Having said that, I also would like to know if these ‘activists’ are going to be equally ‘brave’ in confronting other groups as well? I am glad that they are fighting for the rights of Bollywood intellectuals. Are these ‘activists’ honest enough to defend the rights of local magazines to publish the cartoons of a 7th century? Just curious. Remember, it is the intellectual honesty and courage that matter in these ideological fights, not the selective outrage driven by political agenda or bias.

  2. This mindless ‘protest/stopping’ of the screening by lumpen elements ONLY serves to underscore what SRK meant by “intolerance”.

  3. Ms. Vidya Dinker, the social activist, is a courageous lady and India badly needs people like her and Kirti Azad, who do not tolerate any wrongs in the country or system, irrespective of the risks involved to their lives. However, was it necessary for her to file a case in the police station for the police to move in the matter? What was the Commissioner of Police and his force doing when these anti-social elements like Bajrang Dal have taken law into their own hands and indulged acts of moral policing? Is it not their job to galvanize into action and maintain law-and-order, rather than citizens filing complaints or moving the courts? Is India turning into a paradise for fanatics and anti-social elements to have a field day?

    The problems with the bureaucrats is that they socialize with high and mighty and try to be goody, goody with their professional and political masters to ensure promotions and awards. They flex their muscles and dictate rules only with the weak and bow to powerful and influential people. In the recent past, the typical examples are the Peter and Indirani Mukherjea, when the media revealed that the police top brass were socializing with them and the case (or cases) had to be handed over to the CBI for an impartial investigation and building a water-tight case. Again, the police have goofed-up the Salman Khan case too. Such is the calibre of the police forces.

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