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Mangaluru: Bravo ‘Brah-Vay’ Boy! 16-yr-old Ashwin D’Silva finishes ‘Karavali 200km Brevet’ in 9 hrs 5 mins

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Mangaluru: Team Mangalorean congratulates the youngest cyclist, 16-year-old tenth standard student of Cambridge School-Neermarga-Mangaluru- Ashwin D’Silva, son of Asha D’Silva (corporator-48th Ward-MCC) and Entrepreneur Alwyn D’Silva, for completing the ‘MACC Karavali 200 Kms Brevet 2016’ in a record timing of 9 hrs and 5 mins. Congratulations also to 10 std student Smit Javia for completing the event in 10 hrs 43 mins- also joined by his mother, cyclist Parul Javia who finished Brevet in 11 hrs 14 mins. The participants were supposed to complete the ride within 13 hrs and 30 mins. Congrats galore to you both, young cyclists- Ashwin and Smit!


On the 28th of February 2016, the coastal city of Mangalore saw an unprecedented cycling event MACC Karavali 200km BREVET organized by Mangalore Cycling Club (MACC) under the banner of Audax India Randonneur and Audax Club Parisian (ACP), in which 31 cyclists bracing against the heat and humid conditions, pedaled the total BREVET distance of 200.5km from Mangaluru to Koteshwara and returned with a big smile on their face and a tag “I am a Randonneur”.

Ashwin D’Silva seen with his mother, Asha D’Silva and sister, Ashel

The first BREVET event of the season was flagged off by the Superintendent of Police, Mangalore Division, Dr. S D Sharanappa, who had arrived at the venue as early as 5.15am. With his encouraging words, the first lot of 21 riders left the start point at 5.30am and the rest 10, after 15 minutes which was flagged off by our own veteran and ardent cyclist Mr. Ashoka Vardhana. The Superintendent of Police, Udupi Division Mr. Annamalai rode his bicycle all the way from Udupi to Koteshwara just to receive the riders and spend time with each of them. The police on the crucial road intersections and junctions along the entire route ensured the safe passage for riders. Mesmerised with the view of 31 riders moving in a disciplined way, bystanders, fishermen, kids and the entire community itself forgot their Sunday routine, and lined up to cheer each rider. The boatmen were courteous enough to ferry the riders and their bikes across a small section in the Padukere-Malpe stretch, in quick turnaround time.

This event was unique in many ways, as most of the riders were taking part in the Karavali BREVET for the first time. The 200km route planned by MAAC took the riders through the rolling terrain of Mangaluru, the beautifully laid fresh tarmac on NH 66, the calm, refreshing, clean and no traffic zone roads along the Arabian coast, the boat ride, winding interior roads covered with coconut trees etc. all. Apart from the mesmerizing coastal route, the participants also enjoyed the sumptuous food along the route but not to forget, it was also a day of hardship for majority of the riders, who had developed cramps, muscle pull, minor fall, multiple tube punctures etc. In the end it was the support, the encouragement and the motivations that made each and every rider to finish in style. The senior riders in the group ensured that no one was left behind and pushed every rider beyond their limits to cross the finish line. The volunteers at the start point, check points, turning point and finish point ensured that the BREVET rules are implemented threadbare, and at the same time each rider was comfortable all along until everyone finished the ride.

In the end it was 31/31, as every rider finished the BREVET within the cutoff time of 13.5 hrs. The first ones to cross the finish line were Master Ashwin D’Silva and Krishna Kumar of MACC, and the last one was HK Maheshwari for whom it was just at the nick of time. It is commendable that two lady cyclists Ms. Nithya Bhat and Ms. Parul Javiya, bracing against all odds finished the BREVET well ahead of many boys/men. The MACC Karavali 200km BREVET organized by MACC, goes down in the history of cycling in Mangaluru as the first BREVET with 100% success.

Speaking to Mangalorean.com , Ashwin D’Silva said, ” This is my first cycling adventure, and I feel great about my achievement. It also felt great to pedal with other pro-cyclists, who were very supportive towards me throughout the 200 plus kms route. I am happy that I made my parents proud, who have always encouraged in my sporting activities. I am looking forward to participate in the future Brevet’s, and my main goal is to beat the said completion time of Brevet. I seek the support and blessings of everyone while I enter cycling events”.

Speaking to Mangalorean,com, mother of Ashwin-MCC Corporator Asha D’Silva said, ” I am really overwhelmed and proud of my son’s success in this cycling event- he is the youngest and this is his first cycling adventure. While I take care of his nutrition and diet, his dad takes care of his sporting activities. I feel proud of my son that apart from cycling events, he has proven his achievements in National Level Skating events;also represented India in Roller Skating, and also won in Triathlon event held in Mangaluru recently. But I am really disappointed with the arrangements made by the organizers. Being a first of its kind event in Mangaluru, better publicity and facilities should have been taken care off. I am also hurt with a few media sources for not including my son’s name in their reports, while they have highlighted the names of other participants who completed the Brevet in record time- my son was the youngest, this was his first try- a little encouragement, support and praises from the media and organizers would have thrilled and made him happy. My sincere thanks to Alfie and Mangalorean.com for highlighting the efforts and achievements of my son in this unique and challenging Cycling event”

In conclusion, while Mangaluru witnessed first of its kind cycling event organised by Mangalore Cycling Club (MACC), let’s have a sneak into the world of BREVETs. Brevets (pronounced brah-VAY) are not races, although riders seek to improve their personal best times. For many, the goal is simply to finish and to go farther than they have before.

At the end of 19th century, when cycling tours were being organised in Italy and France, one gentleman Henri Desgrange, founder of the Tour de France, founded Audax France and conferred on the Audax Club Parisien, created on November 30, 1904, the authority to certifybrevets ridden under Audax rules in France. At that time, only the 200 km distance was considered to be a Brevet, the completion of which entitled a cyclist to be designated “Audax”.

Today, the Audax Club Parisien is one of the largest cycling clubs in Paris and in France. Since 1976, Brevets certified by the A.C.P. have been ridden in countries outside of France. These are known as the Brevets des Randonneurs Mondiaux. BREVETS DE RANDONNEUR MONDIAUX (BRMs) are rides of fixed distances that are to be completed within specified time limits, having successfully passed through pre-determined time controls. 200 Km – 13.5 Hrs | 300 Km – 20 Hrs | 400 Km – 27 Hrs | 600 Km – 40 Hrs | 1000 Km – 75 Hrs | 1200 Km – 90 Hrs | Fleche – 24 Hrs BRMs worldwide are approved and governed by Audax Club Parisien (ACP).

All Brevets are conducted in accordance with the Rules and Regulations of ACP. The body that has the sole authority for conducting and overseeing all Brevets de Randonneurs Mondiaux (BRMs) and Audax events in India is Audax India Randonneurs (AIR). BRM – Brevets de Randonneurs Mondiaux and Les Randonneurs Mondiaux Events offered by AIR in India. It’s a misconception that BREVETs are meant for professionals, rather it’s one such event designed for ordinary riders like each of us with passion to perform and enjoy, where we aim to finish the course within specified time limits. The recognition is equal regardless of finishing order! Each rider, who finishes the event within the cutoff time is awarded with a certificate and a medal directly from ACP. Moreover the rider will get a step closer to become a Super Randonneure and an opportunity to take part in one of the oldest and most coveted cycling event in the world, the Paris Brest Paris event.

Apart from the just concluded Karavali 200 kms Brevet, the bouquet of MACC BREVET 2016 calendar includes flat beach roads extending more than 60 km of beach stretch, the clean and rolling roads of Mangaluru, the calm forests, enjoying the trickle of rain drops during the monsoon season and the challenging but doable climbs of Western Ghats. Look forward for other Brevet events to come up soon : 24-Apr-16: GHAT CLASSIC Brevet 200 km;22-May-16: NETRAVATHI Brevet 200 km; 10-Jul-16: MONSOON Brevet 200 km; 25-Sep-16: WESTERN GHAT LOOP Brevet 200 km; 22-Oct-16: NAMMA KUDLA Brevet 300 km

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  1. This first of its kind event in Mangalore should have been done in a grand way. Didnt see much publicity, how would anyone know if no publicity is done. Really disappointed with the organizers. Hope they will learn by their mistakes, and do better in their next event.

  2. I fully support the sentiments of Asha Dsilva, the mother of Ashwin, where she is upset with the media for the non bias report. There should not be any discrimination when someone achieves his or her goal. But anyways congrats to Ashwin for his success_ wish him many more laurels in his sporting career

  3. Never knew that such a cycling event took place in Mangaluru_ being a cyclist I would have taken part or would have been a supporter. Looking at the report, seems like everything went all right. Need better organizing next time, better publicity etc Why wasnt Mangalore Bicycle Club involved in this event- politics I guess??

  4. Proud of this young lad for successfully finishing 200kms in record time/ way to go Ashwin. Wish you all luck in your sporting career. May God bless you_ thank you Alfy and mangalorean.com for the great coverage

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