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Mangaluru: Decision on Dr Zakir Naik’s visit to city yet to be taken

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Mangaluru: Deputy Commissioner A B Ibrahim held a press meet at his office regarding various issues here, on December 18.

Ibrahim said that since there was a ban on made made snana, a yede snana was performed at Kukke Subramanya temple where about 900 devotees took part in urulu seve.


Commenting on the proposed speech by Dr Zakir Naik in the city, Ibrahim said, “We have received memorandums from various organizations to stop Dr Zakir Naik from coming to Mangaluru. I will discuss the issue with the concerned authorities and come to a conclusion.”

When asked about the Hindu Samajotsava headed by Dr Praveen Togadia which was proposed by the Vishwa Hindu Parishad as a mark of protest against Dr Zakir Naik, Ibrahim said that no communication was received by the authorities in this regard. “When we get any communication regarding this, we will look into the matter,” he added.

Assistant Deputy Commissioner Kumar also explained the procedure for counting of votes of the MLC elections.

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  1. Zakir Naik is needed in Pakistan more than in Mangalore. Mr. Naik, please settle the doctrinal disputes among your Muslim brethren before presuming to lecture in Mangalore.

  2. What gets my goat is this gratuitous presumption from some people like Naik that ordinary people are incapable of managing their lives themselves without these holier-than-thou people telling them. They think they are superior because they have read some fairy-tale books. Instead of coming and giving lecture on religion and other non-sense risking communal harmony why can’t they clean the streets for a change? The same goes to all the religious nut jobs who come down once every fortnight. I don’t honestly believe these people have done one day’s back-breaking job in their life but still presume they have the divine rights to manipulate other people. Why can’t he go and conduct his street plays in Syria?

    • Mr. Henry James,

      I salute you for expressing your views quite sensibly. Talking, selling and marketing religions have become a multi-million or billion dollar business. This has resulted in babas, godmen in many places in India and abroad.

      In not-that-distant past, there was Bhagwan Rajneesh, who advocated free sex and had 35 or 36 Rolls-Royce cars at Rajneeshpuram, Oregon, U.S.A. and led an opulent life befitting a king, before the Americans chucked him in a slammer, stripped him off his opulent gowns and forced him to wear prison garb and probably resorted to a third degree interrogation and finally booted him out. If I recall correctly, he had left India saying that he hated the country and then he had to eat his humble pie and return to the place that he had left with utter hate.

      A few years ago, there was a godman, who had vast followirng in India and abroad (one of my friends, an Italian, was his staunch follower). This man was touted to have miraculous powers and could produce “holy ashes” I am told. In the late 1960s or early 1970s, some academics and professionals had challenged him to prove his miraculous powers in their presence and one of them said that if he could produce HMT wrist watches, then he could easily produce bread and other consumables for the poor to stave off their hunger. He did not take up the challenge and chickened out. This baba had, sad to say, eminent cricketers of yesteryears as his followers and once even a match was held and trophy awarded. He used to never shake hands, but wave his hands to greet his supporters. The rumour has it that one day the hordes of assembled followers were quarantined to one section, before an executive aircraft could land. After the aircraft landed, the passengers were driven in a limousine with tinted glasses for an audience with the baba. It is rumoured, the passengers were Hillary and Chelsea Clinton. Well, I just heard it and I do not know how true it is?

      It amazes me that godmen can attract high and mighty, personalities who are well oiled and heeled, politicians, industrial czars, et al and get millions from these people who, otherwise, would not spend a dime on people who are hungry or badly need a dime. I am told that godmen keep surveillance on these people and know their weaknesses and blackmail and exploit them to their own advantage. In this electronic age, their jobs have become much easier.

      He was also dubbed as the “cheque-walla” baba, because his followers were well oiled and heeled. However, he succumbed to illness and had multi-organ failure and had to be treated by battery of doctors of much eminence, before he died and his miraculous powers did not come to his rescue.

      I personally know people who are crooks and scoundrels, who have indulged in cheating, stealing, bumming people for freebies and others favours, indulging in extra-marital activities, doing hawala business and running and indulging in boot-licking to get employment (as they could not get one on their own steams), posing as pious souls and fooling people. Apart from cunningness, opportunism and other bad qualities, they lack talents, general knowledge or brains.

      Years ago when I was abroad, I was invited by a family whose head was then considered one of the most highly salaried men there. There were two priests, one of whom has become a Cardinal today. The lady of the house who is a good singer and took part in multi-national choir recitals, asked the parish priest, “Father, please pardon me, if I am sounding rude. Why do you not have decent people with impeccable backgrounds assist you in church and parish activities, rather than people who have shady backgrounds, who are unchristianlike and indulge in dirty politics?” The priest replied, “We would like to have good people with impeccable credentials, but they do not volunteer for honorary work. So, we have to manage with what we have or get.”

    • Henry James – “Instead of coming and giving lecture on religion and other non-sense risking communal harmony why can’t they clean the streets for a change?”

      Sir, you are playing with the same coin. This coin has two faces.

      One face is religious extremism by the majority faction, now disguised as “swachh Bharat Abhiyan”. Example, the RSS.

      The other face is religious radicalism, used by ultra terrorists. Example, the ISIS or the Taliban!

      Both are dangerous and both endanger the nation and the inhabitants.

  3. To spread true message of Islam is duty of every muslim. Zakir Naik puts forth facts and always speaks the truth..
    Some Hindus can’t bear to listen to him because a person belonging to another religion knows soo about their religion..
    Zakir Naik in mlore will definitely not be like sadhvi balika saraswati in mlore who really made communal statements
    when she came here..

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