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Mangaluru: Miscreants Target Gold Hidden in Refrigerator to Prevent Theft

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Mangaluru: Ironies of life could be varied. Often an act aimed at preventingrefrigerator m something itself can result in its happening.

A curious case of theft that took place in Srinivasnagar near Suratkal proves the point. Ramesh, an engineer in NITK in Srinivasnagar, had locked his house and gone to Bengaluru on May 10.

To keep the ornaments safe, they kept the gold ornaments in the refrigerator which had a locking system. While in Bengaluru, on May 14 morning, Ramesh received a call from one of their neighbours informing him that their house had been broken into.

Ramesh arrived from Bengaluru and found the lock of the fridge broken open. A gold ring of 4 gms, a pair of pendants of 6 gms, 5 gold billets of 5 gms each and a gold billet of 2 gms kept in it were missing. Besides, Rs 18,000 in cash kept in a cupboard had been taken away.

The police said that the wall of the house had been smashed open with the help of a pickaxe. The people next door had heard the sound but had not come out.

The police see two possibilities – either it has been done by those who knew that the family would be away for a few days or the miscreants, after having found no valuables anywhere, looked for other places. Since the fridge was locked, they could have guessed that something was hidden in it and broke it open.

The Suratkal police have registered a case.

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