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Mangaluru: Pandeshwar Police Arrest Three Persons Connected to Various Theft cases

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Mangaluru: The Pandeshwar police have arrested three youth in connection with various theft cases, near the Central Railway Station here, on September 15.

The arrested are Kiran (23), a native of Haveri; Sandeep (23), a resident of Porkodi Bajpe and Ashok Kumar (28) from Tanjavoor, Tamil Nadu.

According to the police, Kiran and Ashok Kumar committing crimes and stayed in a tent. After committing the crime, they moved to other places. Four years ago, they met Sandeep from Bajpe and all the three started to pick scraps and in the process were identifying potential houses and temples to commit crimes.


Cases were filed in the Bunder police station against Kiran and Sandeep, and against Ashok Kumar in the Pandeshwar police station. After committing the crime, all the three would travel by train to other places. Kiran’s brothers Ashok and Kumar are also involved in theft cases and Kumar is in judicial custody.

The three accused were involved in the theft case in Mary Pinto’s House, Jeppu on 10 June, 2012; theft in Anu Aravind’s house near Attavar KMC on 7 November, 2012; theft in Harish’s house in Suterpete on 11 September, 2014; theft in Kallutti Panjurli Temple in Attavar Jain Compound and many other temples.

On September 15, the Pandeshwar police arrested the three and recovered 128 grams of gold ornament, 10 copper utensils, 5 bells, 20 lanterns, 2 laptops, with a total worth of Rs 4.55 lakh. The police are interrogating the accused for information on other thefts in various places under the limits of Suratkal police station, Urva, Kankanady Rural police, and Hassan District. So far the involvement of the accused has been connected to 11 cases.

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