Mangaluru: Passenger Special Train between Kannur and Kasaragod

Mangaluru: A Passenger special train (No.06607) will be operated from Kannur to Kasaragod from 22nd May 2015. This train upon arriving at Kasaragod station, will pick up the timings of Train No.56665 Kasaragod –Byndoor regular daily passenger train. Similarly, the service of Train No.56666 Byndoor-Kasaragod regular passenger daily train will continue its service from Kasaragod to Kannur as a special Passenger train (No.06606) from 22nd May 2015, on the following timings.

Train No.06607 Kannur – Kasaragod passenger special will leave Kannur at 04.15 hours, stopping at Valapatnam (04.24 hours), Pappinisseri (04.29 hours), Kannapuram (04.37 hours), Payangadi(04.42 hours), Payyannur (04.54 hours), Thrikkarippur (05.01 hours), Chervathur (05.08 hours), Nileswaram (05.18 hours), Kanhangad (05.30 hours), Kottikulam (05.40 hours) and will arrive at Kasaragod at 06.35 hours.

Train No.06606 Kasaragod-Kannur passenger special will leave Kasaragod at 18.55 hours, stopping at Kottikulam(19.06 hours), Kanhangad (19.17 hours), Nileswaram (19.21 hours), Chervathur (19.39 hours), Thrikkarippur (19.47 hours), Payyannur (19.55 hours), Payangadi (20.08 hours), Kannapuram (20.18 hours), Pappinissery (20.25 hours), Valapatnam (20.35 hours) and will arrive at Kannur at 20.55 hours.