Mangaluru Police Commissionerate Bids Adieu to Outgoing CP Shashi Kumar

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Mangaluru Police Commissionerate Bids Adieu to Outgoing CP Shashi Kumar

Mangaluru: The Mangalore City police organized a farewell programme for the outgoing Police Commissioner N Shashi Kumar IPS and welcomed the new police commissioner Kuldeep Kumar Jain IPS, at Town Hall here on February 26.

The programme began with an invocation. DCP Crime and Traffic Dinesh Kumar welcomed the gathering. The newly appointed Police Commissioner Kuldeep Kumar Jain was welcomed and felicitated by the outgoing Police Commissioner Shashi Kumar IPS with a shawl, Mysuru Peta, garland, floral bouquet and memento.

Addressing the gathering Police Commissioner Kuldeep Kumar Jain said, “You have all gathered here in large numbers, seeing all of you here, I too am motivated to serve this city. I know that Shashi Kumar has served the Mangalore Commissionerate with integrity, and I will continue to do my work and win the hearts of the people of Mangaluru. Shashi Kumar has guided me a lot, and I will take his guidance in the coming days too. My priority is to create a safe environment in Mangalore and a good name for the police department. If there is any problem with any police stations, don’t hesitate to come to me, together we will find a solution. Once again, I would like to thank the department for honouring me”.

Addressing the gathering, DC M R Ravikumar said, “Transfer is like sunrise and sunset. Transfers are part of government service. Our Police Commissioner Shashi Kumar after serving for 26 months in Mangaluru commissionerate, has become very popular. I came here four months back, but for the past 26 months, you have been serving in Mangaluru. I wish you all the very best in your future endeavours. I have attended and shared the dais with you many times. Being a senior officer, you are a role model to every officer working in the district. After I came to DK, I have seen the way, you handled cases like the drug mafia in Colleges and won the hearts of the people. You and your officers handled the recent cooker blast case in Mangaluru is commendable”.

DC Ravikumar further said, “During your tenure, you have mingled with people from all walks of life. I hope you will get promoted and come back to Mangaluru. Today I met the new police commissioner Kuldeep Kumar Jain. Twelve years back, he had worked as a probationary officer here and is aware of the administration. For the last three days, he is here in Mangaluru, he has taken all the guidance from Shashi Kumar. When any officer is newly appointed to a district, they should take the guidance of their predecessors so that they can continue to work smoothly. We will extend our full cooperation to you as we have done with Shashi Kumar. As Shashi Kumar is moving from this city, I wish him all the success”.

The MD and CEO of Karnataka Bank Mahabaleshwara Bhat speaking on the occasion said, “This is a memorable programme. I would like to thank the police department for organizing a farewell programme for outgoing Police Commissioner Shashi Kumar and welcoming the newly appointed Police Commissioner Kuldeep Kumar Jain. The Deputy Commissioner has already compared Shashi Kumar to the Sun. Shashi Kumar has given priority to friendship. People expect good work from any officer coming to this city and it is their right. The people of Mangalore got a bonus from Shashi Kumar, he is not only efficient but also a people’s friendly officer. The people of Mangalore have been very lucky to have Shashi Kumar in Mangalore for 26 Months. I too became very close to him since we both graduated in Agriculture. Shashi Kumar is a wonderful person, when we talk to him we don’t have a time limit. Shashi Kumar has achieved a lot in this city and I wish him all the success in his new post. Let Shashi Kumar be promoted as IGP and come back to this district. The newly appointed Kuldeep Kumar will continue the legacy of Shashi Kumar. I welcome Kuldeep Kumar Jain to the Mangalore commissionerate”.

Addressing the gathering Dr M N Rajendra Kumar said, “Shashi Kumar has served in Mangaluru for 26 months, he was very active in his day-to-day activities. He is a very humble and down-to-earth person. During the COVID pandemic, the police and the health department had the highest work. During that time, Shashi Kumar arranged food for the police department. Providing food for the hungry is humanitarian work and Shashi Kumar has shown humanity towards the police personnel. Shashi Kumar has asked for my support in Bengaluru too. I wish Shashi Kumar all the very best in his new post and also pray that he will be promoted to a higher position. The people of Mangaluru have shown their culture by organizing a farewell programme and have also welcomed the new Police Commissioner Kuldeep Kumar Jain. I congratulate the police department for organizing this wonderful programme”.

Outgoing police Commissioner Shashi Kumar was felicitated on the occasion by CP Kuldeep Kumar Jain along with other dignitaries with a Shawl, Mysuru Peta, floral bouquet, garland and memento. Many other organizations also felicitated Shashi Kumar on the occasion.

In his felicitation speech, Shashi Kumar said, “On January 1, 2021, I got an opportunity to celebrate the new year in Mangaluru. I have spent 26 months in Mangalore as a police commissioner. Dr Rajendra Kumar said that the police department started the free canteen for the police personnel and all the officers worked hard to make it a success. For four months we have run the canteen providing free food to 350 to 400 people. I have tried hard to bring all the organizations together. Normally anyone will feel sad when they are transferred. My transfer has professionally made me happy, but personally, I feel sad to leave this wonderful city. I like the people of Mangalore, they are very good and I made many friends who are like my extended family in Mangalore. For the last 2 months, I have been going for cycling under the leadership of Joseph Pereira every day at 4 am”.

Shashi Kumar further said, “Right from the initial stage, all the officers supported me. If there was any incident under any police station limits, all the officers worked together to solve the case. The DCPs, ACPs, Inspectors and all the rank officers worked together with special interest. Once when a police constable was stabbed the police were scared to do their duty at the check posts. In that case, we arrested 20 people, and after that case, no one dared to touch the police personnel. During the Hijab problem, when there was a disturbance in other districts, DK was very quiet. I took all my officers into confidence, and whenever there were any rumours, we used to interact with the DC and announce holidays to the schools and colleges. We need to use a strategy to keep the law and order situation under control. If anything went wrong in Mangaluru it was national and international news. We cannot see the police department in isolation, we need to take everyone on board to handle any situation. Mangalore is a medical, employment and education hub and students from other states and districts come here to pursue their education. When I came here, many said that Mangalore is popular for communal disturbance, but it is simply a prejudiced opinion”.

Shashi Kumar further said, “The ruling or the opposition party does not interfere in our work. They cooperate with us whenever there are sensitive issues. I have worked in various districts but political interference in Mangalore is zero. During the COVID pandemic, the public cooperated well and followed all the rules. When we had put restrictions to close the shops at 10 pm, the shop owners used to close their shops at 8 pm. During the murder in Surathkal and when sections were in place, people did not oppose, they followed our instructions. I have spent 26 months in Mangaluru and worked with integrity. When the department has done good work people praised us, and when there were mistakes, they corrected us. I would like to thank everyone. If I get an opportunity to serve in Mangalore, I will be the happiest person to come here. I urge the police officers to continue their full cooperation with Police Commissioner Kuldeep Kumar Jain”.

ACP Parameshwar Hegde, former ACP Upase, ACP Traffic Geetha Kulkarni and ACP Mahesh Prasad shared their experience on the occasion.

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