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Mangaluru Smart City and WE R Cycling to Hold Cycling4change event on Sept 27

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Mangaluru Smart City and WE R Cycling to Hold Cycling4change event on September 27

Mangaluru: As part of the initiative in making Mangaluru a cycle-friendly city, the Mangaluru Smart City Limited (MSCL), in association with Architect Niren Jain and various cycling clubs of the city, has identified a 10-kilometre pilot route, called Cycling Oni, connecting various schools, playgrounds, markets, railway station, riverfront and other prominent places of the city, which would be developed as a dedicated corridor for Cycling.

On September 27, a cycle ride has been organised by WE R Cycling along with MSCL and other clubs of the city for one hour from 7:00 to 8 am starting from Mangala Stadium to familiarise kids & their families with these cycling lanes.

Speaking to mangalorean.com President of WE R Cycling Sarvesha Samaga said, “Government of India has initiated the (C4C) challenge. The government is trying to promote Cycling for commute and other activities in all major cities across India. WE R Cycling, which is at the forefront of organising various cycling related activities is supporting Mangaluru Smart City Authorities to create suitable infrastructure for Cycling in Mangaluru.

This initiative by Mangaluru Smart city would help promote Cycling in the city and at the same time, open a greener passage for Mangaloreans to stroll through a safe lane connecting schools, markets, malls in the city and also encourage more people to start cycling.”

Sarvesh further said, “The pilot route starts from the City corporation and passes through – Sharada Vidhyalaya – Car street – Central Market – Hampankatta – Attavar Railway Station – Gujjarkere – River-front etc. MSCL is also planning to develop the cycling track on the riverfront from Ullal Bridge to Sultan Battery. The senior representatives from each club in the city have joined hands to help Mangaluru Smart City Authorities in this initiative and meet once a month to discuss the progress and activities.”

Sarvesh also said, “We are making cycling popular among the school children and their family members. Students can commute to the school by cycle, so also their family members can use the cycle for shopping, going to the market or other use. WE R Cycling has been creating awareness among the people on the benefits of Cycling. In the coming days, when the schools re-open WE R Cycling with other cycling clubs promise to hold many more rides and events for the school children to bring more awareness and effective use of these Cycling Onis”.

Speaking to mangalorean.com President of Mangalore bicycle club (MbC) D G Nair said, “It is an excellent idea so that the kids can ride when they know that there are roads exclusively for Cycling. Nowadays, we see kids riding only inside the apartment complexes because they don’t have any other place to ride. Children will be able to go out with their bicycles on such roads. This is an excellent move”.

Speaking to mangalorean.com President of MACC Anil Shet said, “It is a good initiative by the Mangaluru Smart City Limited. At the same time, the city corporation should maintain the city roads well. CCTV Cameras should be installed to monitor the cycling lanes for the safety of cyclists. Cycling lanes should be well illuminated with even surface since most of the children will be riding the cycles. Initially, only a limited number of cyclists should be allowed. Cyclists should be careful while crossing the lanes. The public should be made aware of the cycling lanes which should not be used as parking slots”.

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