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Mangaluru: Tasteless Tweets on Dr Kalburgi’s Killing – Bantwal Man Arrested

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Update: The Bantwal police have taken Bhuvith Shetty, who claimed to be responsible for the shoot out that killed renowned scholar Dr M M Kalburgi on August 30 at his residence, into their custody for questioning on August 31.

Mangaluru: Tasteless Tweets on Dr Kalburgi’s Killing – Bantwal Man Booked under Cyber Laws

Mangaluru:  The DK police have said that a case against a man from Bantwal was being filed under the cyber laws for posting disparaging and incendiary comments on Twitter after the killing of author-researcher Dr M M Kalburgi in Dharwad on Sunday.

The superintendent of police had received a complaint from a Bantwal resident. On his instructions, the Bantwal police verified the posts and confirmed the matter back to the SP.


A national-level woman activist also complained to the SP in the matter. Bhuvith Shetty, claiming to be the co-convener of Bajrang Dal in Bantwal, is said to have posted at 10:41 am on Sunday that it was Bajrang Dal who had wanted to kill U R Ananthamoorty and had actually killed Prof  M M Kalburgi. In the same tweet, he ominously warned that Prof K S Bhagwan would be next on the assassination list.

It may be recalled here that both URA and MMK were some time ago targeted by right-wing organizations for their views on certain beliefs.

The complainant said that the URL to the twitter profile might have been changed tohttps://twitter.com/BhuvithShetty. Once the threat was noticed by the Netizens who began responding, the handle @GarudaPurana was either deactivated or deleted by the said Bhuvith Shetty, according to the complainant.

In another tweet earlier, Bhuvith reportedly claimed to have chopped off the hands of Muslim in retaliation for cattle-trafficking. Enquiries in Bantwal revealed that he is an alumnus of Shri Rama High School in Kalladka.

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  1. Just wondering how this guy can chop anyones hand ? Seems like people are not afraid of law. Now that he is in the custody of the police and he shall surely come to know what law means. Well done DK police. Such guys are threat to human community.

  2. Indeed tasteless tweets. This act should be condemned and authorities should take appropriate action against the miscreants

  3. Hey Rampa, what was that guy’s name again? Could you please copy-paste it for us (in size 48 font) to maintain your incontinence…… I mean, your inconsistency?

    • Over the years, I have come across many Pakistanis. Some of them were very good. However, most of them were fanatical or have a religious-bent-of-mind and conversations would be liberally sprinkled with Almighty God’s name. I hate any person, who utters Almighty God’s name in normal conversations, other than at prayer times at the places of worship or at home.

      Even in Christians, I have come across some who pretend to be religious but, in fact, are pseudos and I know some of them. They would bum people for favours, were freebies, steal, indulge in politics, etc., but would be involved in religious activities and would collect money for the Churches in the name of charity and pocket a part of it. So, in short, these pseudo-religious people are rogues and scoundrels – other than God-fearing. In any conversations, they would call others as brothers and sisters and frequently utter the word “Hallelujah”.

  4. “Tasteless Tweets ….” Report

    Not sure who has the right to decide on ‘taste’!! In a free, open, democratic society, we do have the right to post ‘tasteless’ comments. However, you can’t instigate violence. This is the limit that we should all respect. In this guy’s case, he clearly promoted violence by calling for the death of some unknown KS Bhagawaan. Also, his second tweet is a clear admission of crime. So, there isn’t much to debate in this case!!

  5. Not sure who has the right to decide on ‘taste’!! In a free, open, democratic society, we do have the right to post ‘tasteless’ comments.-Atheist Mr.Original

    Sir,What is the upper limit of ‘tasteless’ comment which saffron bent mind can reach,which can pose threat to the life of some innocent??

    Jai hind

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