Mangaluru- The City of ‘BUMPS’ has turned into the City of ‘HUMPS’?

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Mangaluru- The City of ‘BUMPS’ has turned into the City of ‘HUMPS’?

 Mangaluru: Couple of months ago driving or riding in the pothole ridden roads, was a bumpy drive or ride wading through the crater size numerous potholes all over the city. Plus the shoddy work carried out to repair potholes by Mangaluru City Corporation is making Mangaluru’s roads even more dangerous for motorists. Reason: There are bumps where craters and potholes used to be. “Poor repairs are resulting in holes being overfilled, creating large bumps that drivers swerve left or right to avoid,” say motorists.

Terming the pothole repair works a “complete joke”, Ms Shirley, a professor at a renowned institution pointed out at horrible repairs by contractors and MCC.
Team Mangalorean visited many places and found atrocious workmanship and inferior materials being used to fill up the potholes. Along one of the service roads near Kankanady pumpwell , a number of potholes have been sloppily repaired, leaving loose gravel and one-inch-high bumps on the road. First it was badly constructed roads that developed potholes and craters after the first few spells of rains. Under fire, NHAI officials stated that during monsoon it was not possible to carry out any work. It began filling up potholes with either mud or construction debris as temporary measure but even in this there is shoddy work.

Mangaluru City with Crater Size Potholes results in Bumpy Drive or Ride..

Similar is the situation on Bunder Road stretch-“The agencies concerned make a show of repairing the roads and suddenly potholes crop up again on this patch,” said Mohammed Ismail, a arecanut dealer. Ashraf, a restaurant owner there too pointed out at uneven roads (with potholes) increasing wear and tear of four-wheelers. Civil engineers explained that one of the major reasons was bad construction from the bottom up, followed by roads’ inability to handle load of vehicles. Bad workmanship means apart from avoiding potholes, motorists have to contend with tarmac that bubbles up or creates a bumpy wave because the hot mix was not of right quality. Good road building rests on good designs and planning but more often than not the roads are old and rebuilding them from scratch would entail exorbitant costs and road closures, they are simply resurfaced. Motorists are now urging MCC to rebuild the affected stretches, instead of exposing drivers to more hazards. They fear lives could be put in danger by MCC rushing to fix potholes in a shoddy manner.

Traffic experts said, “We see this problem all the time, in all parts of the city. Drivers will often swerve to avoid these bumps and that can be very dangerous. We are seeing more and more potholes everywhere and the MCC is under pressure to carry out repairs in a hurry and ends up making surface uneven, which is leading to frequent mishaps.” Once the pothole has been repaired they should subject it to a more thorough rolling to flatten the surface, said motorists. Apart from the BUMPS created by these potholes, now the motorists are feeling the brunt of HUMPS, I mean to say “ROAD HUMPS”, which have appeared in various places in the City- and many two-wheeler riders not knowing the sudden existence of these Road Humps are falling off their vehicles, getting up and move away with no complaints.

Mangaluru City has now turned into a City of Humps?…

Finally after a bunch of two-wheeler riders have fallen off the unscientific road humps and also yellow plastic/rubber speed-breakers in the earlier days, officials of the Mangaluru City Corporation finally have now come to their senses to install 222 scientific humps at 116 locations at a cost of Rs 36.15 lakhs, and the work has already started and road humps have been installed at different wards coming under Mangalore city corporation limits. The decision to install these humps has been taken after receiving instruction from Indian Road Congress (IRC), and the work began after the tender process was completed. (Ref : 222 Scientific Humps In 116 Locations getting Ready in the City at a Cost of Rs 36.15 lakhs  )

Sources reveal that in MCC ward 1-20 in 46 places, 79 road humps will be installed; in Ward 21-40 in 50 places, 62 humps will be installed; and in Ward 41-60 in 20 places, 81 humps will be installed, making a total of 116 places and 222 road humps. These scientific road humps will be installed as Indian Road Congress (IRC) guidelines. Now that the MCC has done a good thing by installing these scientific road humps, my humble request to them is to paint these humps at the earliest before two-wheeler riders fall off their vehicle while going on these unmarked humps. How often have you been caught unawares by that huge hump on the road without a signboard warning before it? Very often. These humps are hazardous especially to two-wheeler riders, who fall off their bikes/scooters every single day- and since none of them are complaining- the police have turned a blind eye against it.

In conclusion, I have said it in the past and say it again, that the speed breakers/Road Humps should be parabolic for smooth road crossing and should be painted and properly illuminated. Sign boards should be erected to warn the drivers/riders- well ahead of a speed hump. Speed bumps are usually painted with black and white stripes to draw a driver’s attention before he reaches the bump. Without these indicators, drivers would hit the speed bump at higher speeds, resulting in a jolt to passengers and potential damage to the vehicle. When vehicles pass over these humps, the spine is hurt, and speeding vehicles often meet with accidents if they fail to slow down at these humps. I will say it again, It is time for the commuters/motorists to raise their voices against these unsafe “speed breakers” which are ” life breakers” to the concerned local civic authorities. Let us do it for a good cause and for the safety of our lives and for the lives of the citizens. Safety is much more important than being sorry later. Let’s do it, before it’s too late – Thank You.

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  1. Stupid scene of Smart City. New humps re installed without Zebra Strips. Another stupidity is that almost 8 inch Gap is left open between the Hump and the Footpath Curb so that a Wheel of 2 wheeler can get stuck and thrown off road. Brilliant Idea for Safe Road.
    Problems are that job In Charge People use Hand First and Head Next.

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