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Mangaluru: Two’s Always Better Than One! 2nd ‘Crave’ Desserts and Bakes Opens in Derlakatte

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Mangaluru: Good news for the residents of Derlakatte and the surrounding vicinity, and also to the staff and students of various Universities, Hospitals and Colleges around that area-who have been craving for desserts, cakes, pastries, smoothies, milk-shakes and much more, this new and unique Desserts and Bakes shop opened today in your neighbourhood will surely satiate your dessert and cakes cravings. Pardon my bias towards chocolaty desserts but assure you won’t have regrets! Now before you read, if you are lazing at home, you may want to get ready to leave out while reading this, because at the end of the read you’re gonna wanna eat! And the place to go to satisfy your cravings and sweet-tooth is ” Crave” Desserts and Bakes, located at Plama Citius, Opp KS Hegde Medical College/Nitte University-Derlakatte which was launched on Sunday, 20th December 2015.


Sunday witnessed the opening of the second shack of “Crave “-Desserts and Bakes in Derlakatte, the original one existing at Balmatta-Mangaluru, along with yet another eatery joint “Kyle’s” -a Fine Dining Restaurant located adjacent to “Crave”-Derlakatte to cater to the thriving Medical and Engineering student population of the area, and also the nearby residents. The three “Smart Guys” from the soon to be the “Smart City”-Mangaluru, the brains behind this exciting venture are : Flight Cmdr. Michael Saldanha and Carl Correa at the helm of “Crave”; and Dean Mascarenhas and Carl Correa of “Kyle’s”.

“Crave” and “Kyle’s” were inaugurated by Oscar Fernandes, Former Union Cabinet Minister and Member of Parliament, joined by his wife Blossom Fernandes; and U.T Kader, Minister for Health and Family Welfare, Govt. of Karnataka. Speaking to the august gathering after inauguration, Oscar Fernandes said, “When I had inaugurated the first outlet of “Crave” in Mangaluru City I had predicted that it would be a successful venture, and it became like a landmark in the City, where Mangalureans thronged “Crave” to fetch their favourite desserts/cakes/shakes etc- and now with the launching of the second “Crave” in Derlakatte it will surely boom with business, patronized by the local staff and students from neighbouring educational institutions and hospitals.

Oscar Fernandes along with his wife Blossom, blessed “The Three Musketeers”-Michael Carl and Dean, the three young extremely talented entrepreneurs and wished them every success. While concluding,Oscar said, “I normally promote family planning at political public gatherings, however in this case, I would like to see ‘Crave’ and ‘Kyle’s’ multiply and multiply like the grains of sand on the shores of the Arabian Sea and reach the pinnacle of success. Crave and Kyle’s will surely be the talk of the area”.

The compere at the function was Freida Saldanha-Comdr Michael’s mom, who extended a warm welcome to the dignitaries and the gathering present. To quote her, she said, “Crave 1 was conceptualised in the skies of a Boeing 737 from Dubai to Mangaluru by Michael Saldanha and Carl Correa.”. Briefing on the birth of ‘Crave’ and on the two men behind it, Freida said, ” ‘Crave’ has been the brainchild of Michael Saldanha- son of Placid and Freida Saldanha; and Carl Correa- son of Neri and Charlotte Correa. The idea was computerized beginning of last year, not surprisingly after a flight journey from Dubai to Mangaluru, where they both met in the airport and finalized the concept of starting desserts and bakes corner. Michael besides his entrepreneurial stint with ‘Crave’ is a Commander with our national airlines-Air India. Michael being a rank holder in engineering, brings with him skills of precision and perfectionism into the world of baking”.

“Cmdr. Michael Saldanha is characterised as someone with a calm personality, dashing looks, strong leadership skills and a drive for perfection & excellence in everything he does. Carl Correa, the multi talented wizard with great inter personal skills, drive for hard work adds zest and spice to every bite coupled with his tremendous wit and humour making ‘Crave’ a delightful dessert experience for anyone who walks in. Carl, a “A-lister” in humour and wit brought natural sweetness to the appetizing chocolates, brownies, cakes , pastries and puddings at ‘Crave’. Due to Crave’s immense popularity during the past year, serving cakes, desserts, cookies, chocolates, savouries par excellence in Mangaluru City, Carl and Michael had a pressing demand from the medical and engineering student community and thus ‘Crave 2’ took off today at Derelakatte” added Freida.

All desserts and cakes are prepared in-house kitchen using latest baking and finishing equipment by Head Baker-Ravi Kulal and his assistants. They use only fresh ingredients, no preservatives or artificial flavors. Fresh donuts are made daily.You could call Crave as also the in house ice cream and dessert parlour. They have quite a variety of ice creams and desserts- the Thick Chocolate Shake – For that lazy weekend where you want to go nearby, pick a yummy ice cream and enjoy it in your own slow pace. The thick chocolate shake is so stunningly thick, I could challenge if anyone else made better milkshake. You spend the first few seconds wondering why you can’t yet taste the chocolate shake through the straw. And Voila! – You taste the smoothest blend of chocolate and ice cream infusing inside your mouth and you realize – it was worth the effort and wait, you can sip on this for the next hour. Your day is made. Yeah you got the point!

The “Crave” does has vast variety of desserts and an excellent ambience which is exciting for a chocolate lover, or for that matter, any flavor lover, and cozy comfy for any person! The top desserts that will add to your confusion of what to pick are the Vanilla Nutty Crunch, Black Forest,Death by Chocolate, Litchi Delight etc. For those of you who do not have a specific food allergy, good news – ‘Crave’s baked goods taste awesome enough for you too. They don’t believe in holding back when it comes to desserts, so when you’re eating a healthier version of your favorite treats, you can indulge more often! They also want to keep the freshness of the season, so check out their menu often for updates and new items. Also check out which awesome ingredients they use and find some mouth watering nutritious alternatives – especially the milkshake made with Nutella!

Who would have thought a cup of milk, one cup of butter, two cups of sugar, three cups of flour, four eggs, and a spoonful of soda, mixed together and baked in earthen pots would one day become a rage? After all, it wasn’t a whole cake, just a teeny-tiny cupcake. Oh yeah- Crave has quite a variety of cupcakes to satisfy your craving for cupcakes. There’s something delectably chic and contemporary about these little treats. To the pimply teenagers its “cuteness” is appealing; to the adolescent lovers it has the “chochweet” effect; for a single woman it’s a symbol of “self-love”; to a man in love it’s one way of showing he’s “with it” and to many it’s simply, “OMG, it’s a cupcake… and… oh, so gorge-looking”. So try a cupcake at ‘Crave’ today.

At ‘Crave’, cakes are home baked and handcrafted from scratch and from the finest ingredients with no premixes, additives or preservatives. All toppings and fillings are also made by them. ‘Crave’ believes that a cake isn’t memorable unless it is delicious to taste and gorgeous to look at. They use only the freshest and finest ingredients available. Not only do the cakes they make have to look great, they must taste terrific as well. You can taste the difference in quality at ‘Crave’ Desserts and Bakes..Elegant customized designer cakes with great taste and an affordable price for all your fun, funky, memorable and special events! Apart from desserts and cakes, ‘Crave’ also serves delicious milkshakes and grilled sandwiches too. Mocha Frappe, Espresso, variety of teas like black tea, green tea and lemon tea, cafe Latte, Cafe Mocha also served. Try variety of milkshakes and special cakes. You can also order special cakes of your choice.

Kyle’s, a fine dining place on the other hand, was conceptualised in the driver’s seat of a rally car driven by none other than Dean Mascarenhas, Mangaluru’s youngest and successful Rally Champion with Carl Correa as his esteemed navigator. Kyle’s will be offering ‘fine dining experience’ with a variety of sizzlers, steaks, seafood, European salads and more making every food lover’s dream come true.

Among the many who graced the occasion were family members, relatives, friends and well-wishers-to name a few family members -Oshanie Saldanha, Marwin Saldanha, Placid and Freida Saldanha (Michael’s parents), Austin and Jacintha Mascarenhas (Dean’s parents), Neri and Charlotte Correa (Carl’s parents)relatives-Falon, Neil Rodrigues and others, and friends-Sanjay Rao, Arjun Rao, Kethan Vasani and others. Neil Rodrigues-Manager at Crave-Mangaluru speaking to mangalorean.com said, ” Since its launching Crave has attracted quite a huge clients who keep coming back again and again, and the compliments that we get from these satisfying customers makes us proud of the service and quality of the food that we serve them. I am very much confident that Crave and Kyle’s at Derlakatte will also attract the student crowd and attain tremendous success in the days to come.

Off course, it was a beautiful Sunday gathering followed by a sumptuous brunch with loads of fun and good cheer with numerous students already placing their orders as they could wait no longer in great anticipation of the opening of Crave & Kyle’s. So people of Mangaluru, fasten your seat belts and drive to this beautiful plush scenic diner’s paradise of 4000 sq. ft with artistic interiors, a warm cozy ambience, scrumptious food and delectable desserts to leave you craving and craving for more.

So, next time if you’re in Derlakatte and your sweet tooth craves, henceforth your wisdom tooth will say be wise and head on to Crave-Desserts and Bakes, because they serve not just ice creams/cakes/pastries/desserts but creations that could only come from very passionate pastry chefs. Their desserts and cakes are unique; this is your perfect destination when you want to have a 5-star experience for just desserts. Also don’t forget to stop by at Kyle’s and feast on some delectable steaks, sizzlers, sea-food, salad bar etc-the best food worth your money.

‘Crave’- Desserts and Bakes; and ‘Kyle’s-Fine Dining Restaurant located at Plama Citius, Opp KS Hegde Medical College/Nitte University-Derlakatte is open seven days a week from 12 noon-3.30pm and 7pm-11pm Phone : 8050151010 Email : crave.bakers@gmail.com

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