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Mangaluru: United Muslim Organization Stages Protest Demanding Justice for Baby Nirbhaya

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Mangaluru: United Muslim Organization staged a protest against Mangalore One School for protecting and supporting the accused in 4-year-old girl sexual assault case, in front of the DC office here on May 22.

Addressing the protesters, former Mayor Ashraf said, “Even though there has been an assault on a little girl of their own school, Mangalore One School has not come forward in support of the girl. The management committee of the school proclaims the incident as false. No minister has come forward to give justice to the girl, and we are ashamed by this”.


He further said, “The ministers are now busy preparing for the forth coming elections and working to gather votes. They have no time to even express moral support to the victim. The Police Commissioner and the DC have supported to see that justice be served. We are thankful for that and appreciate their work. But, this issue should be taken by everyone. Why is it not being spoken about? The girl is from a minority and poor family, that is why it has not been sensationalized; if she was from a rich family, the incident would have been made into a big issue and everyone would have come forward to extend their support. All of us need to join our hands to provide justice for the victim and shut down the school until they accept the facts.”

Hameed Kudroli thanked the Police Commissioner S Murugan and Deputy Commissioner A B Ibrahim for all their help and support. “They had assured us when the incident had happened that the accused will be arrested and have done a satisfactory job in this regard. We had gone to a MLA to ask for his support for the victim’s family, but he was not even aware of the incident. How can a minister not know what happens in his/her own locality? The accused is in custody, but this is not enough. The school must be closed for blatantly trying to brush aside the incident as false and sending the medical report of the victim to the parents of every student of the school. The school management should call a press meet and express their support not to the accused but to the victim within 10 days. If they cannot support their own student in the time of need, then why should such a school be allowed to function? We should see to it that such incidents never happen with any other student.”

DK Samyukta Muslim Jamat, Akhila Beary Parishat, Fresh fish Seller and commission agent, PFI, SDPI, All India Imam Council, SKSSF, Jamate Islam Hind, T C Foundation, Samna Group, Univef Karnataka, Coastal minority fishermen union, Mangalore Social Service Centre, Ullal Central committee, SYS, T C Friends, Human Rights federation, Muslim Women’s association and other organizations participated in the protest.

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