Manhunt launched for pervert in Bengaluru

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Manhunt launched for pervert in Bengaluru

Bengaluru: A manhunt has been launched for a pervert who enters houses on some pretext, picks up lingerie and secretly indulges in “indecent” acts in the city’s Vidhana Soudha Layout near Laggere locality.

Several residents have spotted the psycho in the act many times.

The people have filed a complaint in this regard with the jurisdictional Rajagopalnagar police station and sought immediate action.

Considering the seriousness of the case, police have launched a hunt for the accused.

Police on Thursday told IANS that the man would enter the residences unabashedly at a time when there are no men or houses of single women.

“He seeks access on the pretext of searching for a rented accommodation. Once inside, the accused would spend much time in the washrooms. He would also visit backyards where the clothes will be kept for washing or hung to dry. He would target women’s clothes, especially inner wares and blouses, and derive sadistic pleasure,” police said.

One of the residents had captured a video when the accused psycho takes out a blouse from the laundry basket and “makes out” with it after ensuring no one is seeing him. The video has been submitted to the police.

Taking into account previous cases of serial killers exhibiting similar behaviour in the city, police are working on the case.

Apart from the complaint, the police stated that no serious crime has yet been reported regarding the psycho and that they are vigilant and monitoring the situation.

An investigation into the matter is underway.

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