Manipal Police Destroy 51 Modified Silencers installed in Vehicles

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Manipal Police Destroy 51 Modified Silencers installed in Vehicles

Udupi: The Udupi district police decided to take a tough stand against those using noisy silencers on two-wheelers. The Manipal Police seized about 110 modified silencers in a month-long drive and destroyed them using a road roller at the Manipal police station premises here on February 3.

Speaking to Media persons, Superintendent of Police N Vishnuvardhan said, “The district police will continue the drive for a few more days. This is a warning to those who think they can get away with altered silencers on their two-wheelers. We will dismantle the modified silencers mercilessly and impose fines under the MV Act,” he said.

“Today we have destroyed a total of 51 silencers including 50 two-wheelers and one four-wheeler in the Manipal Police station limits. We have collected Rs 25,500 fine from the 51 offenders. The modified silencers were dismantled at the police station itself, and fines were imposed against the offenders,” said SP Vishnuvardhan.

Additional SP Kumarachandra, DySP Udupi Sadananda Nayak, Manjunath M inspector Manipal PS, Rajeshekar Vandali PSI, Sudhakar Tonse crime PSI, Probationary PSI’s Niranjan Gowda, Devaraj Biradar and other staff were present.

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  1. Annual police entertainment showmanship photo-ops!
    Where does the law say to do the Dabbang thing?
    All that is required is to implement the law 365 days of the year which the police do not wish to do.
    Why is noise pollution being treated under the MVA and KPA, when there is a specific law called the Noise Pollution Rules 2000, that is not being implemented by the police even though the law is 20 years old? The fine under the NP Rules(under the Environment Pollution Act) is upto 1 lakh and upto 5 years imprisonment.
    Despite its illegality, when was the last time any photo-op was held crushing the loudspeakers and the amplifiers and firecrackers that are the worst and continuous source of noise hitting 95-100dB? That is untouchable because there is a big mafia that operates it , right?
    Show me one case where the police have prosecuted loudspeaker users as per the law of the land, forget daytime, at least during the nighttime(full night programmes) when hard working people have to rest and sleep?
    Simply implement the law on a daily basis and everything will fall into place! The police should leave the entertainment,entertainment,entertainment part to Akshay, Ajay, Kangana, Shahrukh, Salman.

  2. My question to SP Mr Vishnuvardhan is- Why are you not taking action on Garage and Workshops that install these Silencers by modifying the vehicle.
    My request to SP and DCP of Mangalore to take the Initiative to do the same in Mangalore. After 6 PM there are few 2 wheelers and one 4 wheeler show off their arrogant show between Bunts hostel to Mallikatte road.

    Now many SUV and Jeeps install extra Headlights in front of their Vehicle. Some have 4 lights in front PLUS 2 headlights of the Vehicle. That totals 6 headlights burning on driving with speed. How can We, the safe drivers see the road in front when these Lights Blind our Vision. I have already requested RTO Chief Mr Vernekar regarding this problem and He has promised action if submitted Plate Number or Photo shot.

    Take a strict action on Garages that modify the vehicles against the law.

    Also start action against the Bus drivers who try to overtake other Buses by Rash and Unsafe driving and coming close to other vehicles.

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