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Man’s Funeral Delayed over Missing Wife and Daughter

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Mangaluru: Manjunath (40), residing near Karigannur cross of Kukkuwada in Davanagere, had come to the city to get admitted and treated in a private hospital in Derakatte two months ago.

His wife Manjula (35) and daughter Pallavi (14) were attending on him and stayed with him during the treatment that time.

They had suddenly gone missing from the hospital on April 27. Before leaving she had reportedly phoned her father Rajanna that they were proceeding home. Their whereabouts are not ever since. A complaint in this matter had been filed by Manjunath in Ullal station.

After getting discharged from the hospital, Manjunath had gone back to Davanagere. He had remained dejected and depressed over the wife and daughter not having returned home.

He was already down in health after his illness. The distress made his situation worse and he breathed his last on Sunday. His worry may have hastened his death.

According to family members, it was his earnest wish that if he died, the funeral should be held in the presence of his wife and daughter. Now they are in a fix.

They have urged the Ullal police to trace them early and have informed that they would wait to hold the final rites. They are determined about postponing the rites until their return. How long it would take is not known to anyone.

The Ullal police are under pressure since they are clueless about the duo’s whereabouts. There are several possibilities like abduction, suicide or hiding at some relative’s house. Every angle is being looked into.

If at all the mother and daughter come to know about his sad demise, they can at least return home. But the question remains as to how the news can be conveyed to them in the absence of any hint about where they are.

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